Time to Rebrand

When I started to conceptualize this blog in late 2009, I spent months agonizing over everything.  The URL, the logo, the content, my writing.  I was not technical in the slightest.  I remember starting out on Blogger.com and writing my first post.   I remember thinking, what do I have to say?  I wanted to start a travel blog, but I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to travel enough.  And then this came out, my first blog, titled “No…Wire…Hangerrrs!”

Joan Crawford said it in the classic film “Mommy Dearest”. We never forgot it. Such a great line. I swore I would never be that mom and that image still rings in my brain every time I nearly lose my temper at home. My mom was a SAHM. Everyday after school growing up, we’d come home and she’d give us a snack and sit us down in front of “The Guiding Light”. I knew every story line from that show for years. Every now and then, I think of poor Roger. He was a meanie, but the actor who played him died tragically from Lou Gehrig’s Disease. My mom instilled a love of culture in me even then. Throughout the 70s, we grooved out to disco music, saw epic films like “Star Wars” and “Grease”, watched “The Muppets”, “The Brady Bunch”, “Mr. Ed”, “Welcome Back Kotter” and more. Even though we didn’t have a lot of money, she took to see Liberace at the Civic Center, “Annie” at the Fox, the Nutcracker time and time again, and best of all, old movies. We went to double features at the repertory house where I munched on popcorn and watched all the Gene Kelley and Cary Grant movies. My sad social life in high school consisted of going to the local film rental store on Highland Avenue and renting every Fellini, Bergman and Woody Allen film I could find until I had seen everything. As a mom, I try to ensure a cultural shot into my childrens blood every week. Whether it be through reading, movies, plays, art, architecture, especially travel, I bring it on. I live in close proximity to New York City and often step out to the theater, concerts and museums. Last week, my daughter asked me why I go to many plays. Hopefully, one day she will understand and love and appreciate the arts as much as her culturemom.

And so it began.  A blog was born.  And then, by fluke, as a result of this blog, so did a chapter for my consulting career, a business, freelance writing jobs and opportunities that I never, ever imagined.

I chose my URL for a few reasons.  I am a culture vulture, there is no doubt about that. I had a logo and tagline created that suits me to a tee, “For moms not ready to give up sushi for hot dogs”.  I liked Happy Meals instead of hot dogs but I was worried about copy right issues.  It all seemed to fall into place. I have brought in every facet of life that I am passionate about: culture, advocacy and the occasional editorial.  And I have learned how to manage a blog and I even have a few readers.

But I’ve learned a lot along the way.  I do not blog the personal.  I have found myself in hot water a few times over sharing my feelings about motherhood, which I tend to express myself poorly about.  I love my family, I love my children, but I want to do it all and sometimes I find taking care of everyone to be too much.  My life is no longer my own and the blog, while bringing a lot of online support into my life and personal achievement to boot, brings extra work.  With all the extra projects brings a new dimension of juggling.  I have struggled with my work situation for the last few years but choose to keep that quiet, too.  Instead I focus on other blogger’s stories, which I love to tell or host guest posts on subjects I am not so eloquent about, and I am busy writing content for other web sites (mainly focusing on my love for travel).  I also get the greatest pleasure when I’m focusing on Social Good and am using my energies to use my words to help others.

I have no announcement today, if you are expecting one.  The truth is that it’s time to rebrand and I am not sure where to start.  My children are ages 8 and 9, and I don’t want to write about mom/kid issues anymore.  I would rather use my skills writing and talking about topics and issues I am passionate about that don’t pertain to motherhood.  It’s time for a change.

And it’s coming.  The wheels are turning.  Stay tuned.




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  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog these last 2-3 years, and I’m not one who tends to follow anything online. I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do in the future, but I wanted you to know that your focus on motherhood has been a meaningful pause in my hectic life. I’ve looked forward to reading what you have posted (on challenging playdates, on the nanny, on recipes, family traditions and memory, on work vs stay at home, etc.). I also visited the madame alexander museum and saw a great play on being parents as a result of reading your blog, both of which were awesome. Thank you.

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