Review: iDropped, Fixes iPhones and Child’s Hearts


When my son's brand new IPhone 6s appeared with a cracked screen, it not only broke (sorry for the pun) his heart but also presented us with the problem of getting it repaired. After all, it's the most modern, advanced version of the iPhone and also his favorite belonging in the world, so we needed to remedy the situation at our soonest..without a delay or wait. He wasn't sure exactly how the phone had broken, after owning it for a mere six hours, but we carefully stressed the need to be patient and understand that these things happen to everyone. We Read More


Giveaway: A Customized iPhone Case by Casetify


If you want to give a really creative holiday gift to someone you love this year, I have a great idea. A personalized Casetify phone or iPad case is a personal, different and the recipient will deem it a very thoughtful gift. They'll be likely to think of you every time they use it and it's something that nearly everyone will want. I'm talking about a personalized smart phone or tablet case made by Casetify, a digital tool that enables you to customize a case using Facebook or Instagram photos. Use your favorite selfie photos! The cases are compatible Read More


Join My Effort to Get More Organized with Ringya


Imagine yourself in one of these situations: *You’re on the train on the way home from work and the train breaks down. You need to contact a parent to pick up your child from school or an activity. *You have a conference call and are running late. You need to contact the participants but are short on time. *Soccer practice is delayed due to rain. You need to contact all the parents so they don’t show up. I don't know about you but I'm drowning in information.  Lists, lists and more lists.  Classroom lists, sports team lists, business Read More


MobiStories iPhone App Free Download

The iPhone has become my savior.  When we travel or go out locally and I need some peace and quiet, I always take out my precious iPhone to occupy the kids.  I'm always looking for educational  applications that won't cause them to go brain dead after the hour or so they can spend on it at a time. That's why I'm glad to have discovered MobiStories, digital children’s stories that can also be played on the iPod, PSP, portable DVD players and Mac and PC computers. MobiStories are narrated digital children's books with illustrations and music written Read More


Tech-Savvy Family Traveling

On our recent trip abroad, we somehow managed to take more gadgets than usual.  But all for the best as each device came in handy.  Our trips have certainly gotten easier over the years.  Of course, the kids are older, but if we had some of these tools when they were younger, I am sure that our trips would have been easier.  Here are some of the gadgets that I highly recommend you consider taking on your next family trip: 1. The iGo charger is absolutely amazing.  You can charge your phone virtually anywhere, either plugged into the wall or on the Read More


Culture Mom Travel: Apple iPhone Travel Applications to Take on a Trip

Whenever we are traveling and appear to be on a long plane ride or a fight seems to be brewing between the kids, our iPhones to save the day.  The applications are stimulating and fun enough to distract my 5 and 7 year old kids from having complete meltdowns when they are bored or having trouble sitting still in the car, in a restaurant or anywhere they have to stay sane.  The iPhone aps are as miraculous an invention as the DVD player for us (another necessity on our travels) and have saved us countless times, particularly on our trips Read More