Mad Men on the Couch Twitter Party: Analyzing the Finale and More

Mad Men on the Couch

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Sunday, June 17th, 2012, 9pm EST

Missing Mad Men?  Can’t get the finale off your mind?  Let’s discuss with psychologist Dr. Stephanie Newman.

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Hashtag: #MadMenOnCouch

Are you suffering from Mad Men withdrawal?

After the finale of the fifth season last Sunday, we all have questions: Is Don reverting back to his old ways? Does he help Megan, knowing that “if you help someone, s/he moves on?”  Why is he in a bar in the final scene?  What is the future for Don and Megan? Will there be ramifications from Lane’s tragedy? Is Pete the new Don? Is Matthew Weiner setting up Peggy as someone who has to start her own agency to really get ahead? Now that Joan has become a partner, how will her life change?

Why can’t we get the show off our minds?  It has glamour, intricate story lines but most of all, richly drawn characters stumbling through their personal and professional lives that get under our skin and keep us invested.  And we can’t help by try to analyze each one of them.

Wouldn’t you like to do that with an expert with a trained professional eye for traits like narcissism and more?

Dr. Stephanie Newman, a clinical psychologist/psychoanalyst with over 15 years’ experience, has written a book called MAD MEN ON THE COUCH that explores the psychological aspects of the show’s primary characters, and examines them through the lens of modern psychology. And she’ll be right there at our chat guiding the way. Live and in real time.

We have a lot to talk about, and, as always, we have prizes!  We’ll be giving away a copy of the book every ten minutes.

So, join us to dish about your favorite show and dive into the psychology behind the characters you’re grown to love and hate. Dr. Newman has a unique perspective, unlike any you’re heard to date, about why these characters act the way they do.


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If you can’t make it, pick up a copy of Mad Men on the Couch on Amazon today.

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