Kidz Bop Dance Party for Nintendo Wii, Too Much Fun for My Kids

There’s a ruckus in my house!  You know what’s causing it?  The new Kidz Bop Dance Party for Nintendo Wii that just hit stores this month.  Labeled as the “ultimate party in your own living room,” it really is.  My kids are movin’ and groovin’ and loving this new game.  It features 24 songs from current top 40 musicans like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Keha, Michael Jackson, Disturbia and Rihanna.  Kids are the singers of the songs, just like on the Kidz Bop CDs.  Some of the lyrics have been altered to fit the tates and minds of children.

The games are easy enough for kids to figure out.  They stand in front of the TV and move the same way the characters are moving on the Wii game, which turns into one big dance party.

There are five choices of game play on the Kidz Bop Wii game: free play, challenge, shop, dance off and dress up.  My kids typically have played the game together, but my son has played alone, too.   When I asked my daughter what she likes most about the game, she said she likes creating different characters to join the dance party.   She also likes earning points for the outfits and accessories.  She said that when you finish the game, you unlock the Mii so they can dance in the game.

The Kidz Bop Dance Party Wii is available on Amazon for $39.99.  I guarantee you that this is an ideal gift for your child, and it’d be perfect for the holidays.  Mine are ages 5 and 7 and they can’t get enough of this new game.  It’s also good exercise for them –  they’re using their hands and feet while they play, so I feel less guilt about them standing in front of the television set.  It’s also a great game for them to play with their friends who come over for play dates and it’s quite active.

Plus, my kids have become much better dancers as a result of being taught some dance moves, which is more than I could ever teach them!

Disclosure: This game was provided to me at no charge, but no opinion was asked in return.  The opinions are all my own (and my kids).

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