Guest Post: Paper Planet at The New Victory Theater


Have you ever had this arguement with your husband? A medium size box comes in the mail and he wants to throw it out. You say, “No way! The kids will love playing with it. It’s big enough for three kids to go inside.” He replies, “I do not want junk in my house!” But you refuse to give up, he gives in and the kids play with the cardboard box for hours. Then every time he passes by them playing with it, he says, “I told you not throw it out!”.

The New Victory Theater believes in the theory of playing with junk and is trying to change the way we think of theater with the idea. When you book the play, Paper Planet at the New Victory , don’t think you are going to sit, relax and enjoy actors entertaining your family. Be ready to join your kids in the role as resident artist. This show is about interactivity, imagination and being creative.

During the show, you will witness many other parents working diligently with their kids folding, scrunching, cutting and taping paper and cardboard. For kids, it’s pure heaven with no one telling them what to do or how to do it or even to clean up. Together with their hands, paper and glue, they will let their imagination take them new places. They will make hats, butterflies, leaves, balls, rings and more. When (pretend) rain comes, they will enjoy taking cover under paper hideouts. The Australian cast will also indulge their love of paper by, you guessed, dressing in paper.

Paper Planet is for any age. Younger kids will enjoy the freedom to tear paper and glue. Older kids can make more sophisticated art. Polyglot Theatre has come all the way from Melbourne, Australia with the show, taking place at the New Victory Theater, at The Duke on 42nd Street until June 7.

With concept and direction by Sue Giles (Polyglot Artistic Director, Executive Committee Member of ASSITEJ International and a director of over 30 plays and events), sound design by Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey (Melbourne International Arts Festival Award) and installation design by Mischa Long, Paper Planet was originally commissioned by Federation Square in Melbourne, bringing creativity and theatrical play into the public space. The performing artists in Paper Planet are Nick Barlow, Tamekia Jackson, Bree-Anna Obst and Mischa Long. Glen Walton is the live sound artist and Emma Dodd is the associate producer.
Ticket information can be found here.
Liat Ginsberg is a mother and former journalist for the Israeli newspaper, Maariv. She taught at the Film and Media Department at Hunter College.
Disclosure: Liat received complimentary tickets but all opinions are her own.

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