Thank god for mothers.

Last week when I was asked to guest blog over at the Katie Couric Show, there was no way I could refuse.  The guest was Barbra Streisand, a Hollywood icon and someone who’s music, movies and career I’ve followed my whole life (haven’t we all?).  Fortunately, I was able to step out of my everyday life and spend the afternoon in the studio and witness an hour with Barbra.  I spent some time in the green room, avoided the lines to get into the show (bypassing the 2,000 on the waiting list) and was captured in a photo with Katie Couric herself after the show (and I was introduced to Jeff Zucker, which as a former worker in the TV industry was VERY exhilarating!)

The show has created what they are calling “Katie’s Crew”.  They’re bringing in two social media moms to the taping each day and are featuring several guest posts by these bloggers on their site to compliment the shows.  Mine ran yesterday and you can read it here (I’m loving the comments).  They set us up in the first row with our lap tops on our laps and had us “live blog” from the set.  It was definitely an interesting experience and I like the way the show is trying to incorporate the blogging community into the show. They didn’t introduce our blogs on air, but they announced them to the audience before the taping began and again during a break.

So, I had a week between the taping and the broadcast and was keeping mum about all of it, although it was truly not a day I would forget anytime soon.

However, yesterday’s reaction by my mom to my brief appearance on the taped show (if you watched the show VERY closely, you could catch a very quick shot of me reacting to the fact that Barbra has raised $22 million to help prevent heart disease) was the best.  My mom called to tell me that she can’t believe how FAMOUS I am.

Yes, that was the word she used.  I was sitting in the audience listening to a larger than life celebrity and she thinks I’m famous! What would I do without my mom?  Seriously. Imagine if I actually did something deserving of being on the telly?  I think she would have a heart attack.

I’ve had a smile on my face all day as a result.  It will probably last a week.

Thank god for mothers.



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