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When I was at Toy Fair a few weeks ago, there were a few toys in particular that caught my eye. One was a new line called Vamplets. I’m a True Blood fan, and I’ve read a few books in the Twilight series, but I wouldn’t say I LOVE vampires.  I think they’re intriguing, though, and they definitely have different stories to tell than your average Joe.  That’ s the appeal to these characters – their history, relationships, peculiar needs (darkness versus light, drinking blood, sleeping in coffin, living for hundreds of years).

Vamplets are interesting, to say the least.  They come from the world of Gloomvania, as imagined by the artist and product designer known as G-Ra. They’re quirky, they’re cute, they’re kind of creepy, and they embrace the whole vampire trend that has taken over America. The Vamplets product line consists of collectible hand-stitched plush, accessories and apparel.  There are 6 creatures: Evilyn Nocturna, Cadaverson Nighshade, Lily Rose Shadowlyn, Burton Creepson Jr., Count Vlad Con Gloom and Midnight Mori.

When I met the guys behind the Vamplets at the show, I immediately told them I had to review them.  They really stood out at Toy Fair as something I hadn’t quite seen before.  So, I received a package of two Vamplets in the mail today, which included Count Vlad Von Goom and Evilyn Nocturna.  The guys behind this brand are really creative, the copy describing each doll is clever and tells a story behind each one’s life.  On the packaging, we are wished condolences on the delivery of our baby vampyres, that the burden will bring DREADFUL RESULTS.  Evilyn is “slightly mad & totally bad, you  don’t need a hunch…she’d prefer you for lunch!”  Count Vlad is “so cute but so cruel, descended from drag, blood is always his favorite snack!”    We were sent a disappearing bottle of blood for the Vamplets that we are told to keep on hand at all times, as well as an escape-proof coffin.  We have been warned!

My kids got a kick out of the vampets, feeding them blood from a bottle, but their curiosity was immediately peaked to find out more about these strange creatures.  so we logged onto www.vamplets.com to find out more about them.  There’s a nursery, town hall, funeral parlor and a Hall of Horrors.  Each doll has a code under each one’s diaper that lets you print out and create an undead certificate.  Each Vamplet has its own personality and the site tells you more about their bloodsucking needs.  It also has a forum and blog, shop and list of stores where you can purchase the Vamplets.


Disclosure: I was provided these toys to facilitate my review, but I was not asked to express any particular opinion.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. I was also at Toy Fair and loved the Vamplets! They stood out as one of my favorites. They have a fun website too.

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