Dear Mrs. Gordon: Notes on Our Road Trip By My 9 Year-Old

I had to post my nine year-old daughter’s letter to her teacher.  Be aware: there are typos, many of them.  She typed this on my lap top and had me edit but I didn’t have the heart to make every correction.  We’ve been back from our trip for two weeks, so I’m very impressed that she remembered so much about our trip and I would definitely qualify it a success in terms of what she learned.  But the last line is VERY funny and you have to read to the end.

Dear Mrs. Gordon,

During the summer I went on a road trip to Atlanta we went through New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington D.C. and Georgia. In Savannah [Georgia] we visited Juliet Gordon Low’s house. She’s the founder of girl scouts.  We went on a walk on the boardwalk and went on the hop on and hop off trolley tour. We stayed at the Marriott hotel where the trolley had a stop. On one of the houses someone built buy themself so by accident they put the windows up side down.

In Myrtle Beach [South Carolina] it was like amusement park but so much bigger at our hotel there were like 10 pools the one liked the best had water slides and a lazy river. There was a place called roller coaster world but we didn’t go to it because my dad is scared of roller coasters.

In Asheville [North Carolina] we went to the Biltmore house. It is a very big house that a guy named George Vanderbilt owned it was so big there were 250 rooms but we were only allowed to see 42. There was a fountain in the middle of the living room.  They also had a bowling ally and the swimming pool. Gorge had a wife named Edith and a daughter named Cornelia.

Next we went to Williamsburg [Virginia].  We went to Busch Gardens, an amusement park my mom and me went on a super fast roller coaster. I loved it but my mom was scared we were wearing flip-flops so we had to sit on our shoes. It was raining so most rides were closed.

Next we were in Atlanta we went to the Aquarium and the Coco Cola museum what liked about the coco cola museum the most was the tasting room you get to taste soda from all over the world. We were supposed to go to six flags but they were closed because school already stared school already started there.

Then we got back home it was so long my mom said were never doing it again. Hope you liked my letter please write back.


Olivia Fink

Is she right?  Not entirely.  I love to travel but two weeks in a car, a different hotel nearly every night?  Next summer I’m going to the beach and lying on my back for two weeks.  But as for seeing the world and introducing my kids to different cultures – the food, dialects, history, education, landscapes – it was unforgettable.  And I mean that in a good way.

How does your child reflect on their summer vacation?

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  1. That is too funny, what a great trip. Next year I’m hoping to take my kids on a road trip, my youngest will be almost-4 so I think it might just maybe happen!

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