10 Things I Plan to do in NYC This Summer with My Kids

It’s amazing how you can live in NYC for years and years and years and still never see everything.  There’s a plethora of activity every single day of the week.

This summer, I have my “to do” list ready of places we’ve yet to visit.  It includes:

1. Take my kids to the new Pier 6 Playground in Brooklyn
2. Take a water taxi to Governor’s Island
3. See what the new Luna Park Amusement Park is all about and go back to Coney Island, which I love
4. Go to Storm King Sculpture Park
5. Check out the Noguchi Museum in Queens
6. Go horseback riding in the Bronx
7. Bike up and down the new, improved Riverside Park
8. Take the Roosevelt Island Tram
9. Take the kids to explore Children’s Museum of the Arts
10. Take a tour of Ellis Island

Oh, there’s more.   This is just a start.

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  1. Chadwick says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the Noguchi museum. I live near the dang thing and had never been…
    Next time you are here, I have to tell you, Blue Man Group has become the go to “ask for,” for my son. We just saw the show for the 7th time. He wants to be a blue man when he grows up now.

  2. I'd love to meet up! I am only attending Saturday. See you then!

  3. Mommy on the Spot, I'd love to meet you at BlogHer. I'll tweet you and find you.

  4. I will be in town for BlogHer with my kids. (Actually, they will be in New Jersey with some family, and meet up with me and some more family that live in NYC later). I think I'll take them to Riverside Park and the Children's Museum. Thanks for the ideas and links!

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