Traveling Mom: Iceland – An Unexpected Family Destination Part II

I still can’t get our trip to Iceland last summer out of my mind, especially in light of the daily headlines about the volcanic eruption.  It was truly one of the most exotic places I’ve yet to visit, and one of our most memorable trips.  Whether you’re looking for an adventurous or cultural trip, Iceland has so much to offer.  Plus, it’s safe, affordable and very diverse.

We started our trip in Reykjavik.  It’s a walking city, hence very stroller-friendly. The cabs are plentiful and reasonable, which was helpful when our kids refused to walk. There are sculptures all over town dedicated to famous medieval Icelandic figures which are eye-stoppers. The main shopping street is called Langevegur which has something for everyone. Wandering through the streets looking at brightly colored houses, we walked to Tjorin pond in the centre of the city. This is where there Reykjavik’s city hall is, as well as the downtown core where its major streets intersect. The kids enjoyed feeding the ducks and pigeons in this popular part of town. We even bumped into a protest against the central bank of Iceland in this small square, providing a brief reminder of the country’s crisis.
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