Postpartum: The Musical

A while ago, I wrote about Hello Flo, a company whose idea to send tampons through the mail to young girls via subscription went viral last year. They had two videos that hit You Tube to promote a Period Starter Kit for girls:

The company has had two hilarious viral successes in advertising its Period Starter Kit for girls— “Camp Gyno” and “First Moon”. I interviewed founder Naama Bloom about how she’s helping kids grow up last year and was so impressed with her goals – they’re so genuine.

And now she strikes again with a genuine mission – to help moms, but this time it’s something akin got Postpartum: A Musical. Her latest video is called “New Mom Kit” and it’s about a new mom who’s so traumatized by the first few months of motherhood that she writes a mini musical about it.

“No one even warned me about cracked nipples,” the main character in the video,”The blood, the pus, the pain. I wanted to stick my nips in a tub of Chapstick and stay there. Forever.”

The video is to promote their New Mom Kit, which includes nipple cream, heavy pads, leak-free underwear, a postpartum survival guide, and more for $49.95.

Seriously, why didn’t anyone tell me any of this before I had kids? It would have been nice to know in advance of my breasts leaking in meetings, having to squeeze my nipples to ease the pain whilst breastfeeding, avoiding vaginal leakage at various times post-partum and so much more.

So, thanks, Naama. Not only did you help little girls around the world with your period starter kit, but now you’re helping future moms. Better late than never!

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