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I am happy to report my involvement with NYC Alliance for the Arts.  It’s an organization that is in line with everything that The Culture Mom stands for and which I am about: the arts and advocacy.  I ‘m also about New York City, the city that had me to drawn to it the moment I first set my eyes on it at age 15.  It was my destiny to live here and I have devoured every minute that I been in this city, filling my time with theater, music, dance, art and charity work.  These are the areas that I do try to stress on my blog, and I am happy to partner with a non-profit who has made it their mission to support the arts.  Through my relationship with the NYC Alliance for the Arts, I’ll be able to report to you the best of arts and culture, as well as important state advocacy efforts like arts education.

The Alliance for the Arts serves the entire cultural community and public through cultural guides and calendars. They publish information on the arts and cultural events in New York City as well as studies highlighting the importance of the arts to the economy and to education.  The Alliance is a resource that serves constituencies in New York City, New York State and across the US, including children, parents and teachers; the general public and visitors to NY; the city’s cultural community, government and civic leaders; and artists, curators and historians.

As advocates, they help government and civic leaders understand the importance of cultural organizations. They make the case for more support for culture from all levels of government.

Check out their online guides for the state at NYStateARTS.org, nyckidsarts.org and nystatearts.org for information about culture  events and organizations in New York.

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  1. congrats holly!!! I too am a part of AforA.
    but your writing and coverage and reach is much needed by the arts! as a working artist… thanks for your advocacy efforts!

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