Bucket List: Woody Allen – Live at Cafe Carlyle

If you haven’t already figured it out from reading my many blogs about Woody Allen, I’m a huge fan.  I’ve written about his movies, his plays and his impact on my life and move to NYC from Atlanta, GA.  But he means so much more to me than I can write here on this blog and after many years of saying how much I want to see him in real life at the Cafe Carlyle where he plays clarinet regularly with his band, my husband finally listened and agreed that it was the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for me this year.

And indeed it was.  We got dressed up, a rarity in my house.  We went into Manhattan on a Monday night, another rarity for us.  We entered the most lavish hotel and were shown to the cafe where we were treated like 5th Avenue residents.  With the cover noted as $135 per person, you would expect it to be full of people in mink coats.  And that’s who was there. Fortunately, they do allow standing room only for a much lower price, and film students and younger people came in at the show’s start and lined the walls.

I was one of the many seated to hear Woody Allen live in person, and our view was impeccable.  We splashed out, ordered a bottle of wine and enjoyed the night.  At approximately 8:35pm, Woody walked in to join his band and I buzzed with excitement.

For years, he has been playing New Orleans Jazz Band with his band on Monday nights. I’m not particularly a Dixieland Jazz fan, but put Woody Allen in the band and I’m more than interested. They played just over an hour and my ears and eyes were fixated on my film hero and I grooved to the beat.  It was a phenomenal night and one that I will never forget. For your viewing pleasure, here are a few videos I shot:


I highly recommend that you go see Woody and his band now.  It will cost you a pretty penny, and make sure you are prepared so that you dont’ have the shock of your life when the bill comes.  For me, seeing Woody play was on my bucket list and now I can cross it off. And Woody, good luck on Sunday night! I’ll be rooting for you.


Disclosure: I covered all my own expenses for this experience.

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  1. Big fan too and just did the Carlyle last night. Phenomenal. Sat at a table. Dropped a pretty penny but to see my idol do what he loves to do in such an intimate setting? Absolutely worth the experience. I think I’m now a fan of the music too. The band was excellent and everyone couldn’t help but enjoy the music.

    • Love that had the experience! I went to do it again.

      • How do you go about booking tickets? I would rather not have to wait outside from 5pm on with the hope that I could possibly get in. I’ve tried to find a link to reserve a table, but have not been successful. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated! Thank you.

        • My husband planned it for Valentine’s Day for us last year. I think he called the hotel well in advance. There were people who showed up and stood in the back, standing room only.

  2. So envious! I really want to do the same this May. Did you make reservations online through the Carlyle or did you just show up on a Monday, first come, first served? (I ask because I’ve looked at the Carlyle’s online reservation system and no Monday reservations appear in their system). Thanks for any advice you can give me!

    • My husband booked weeks before, however I did see a people show up and stand in the back by the bar, so they do let people walk in. I’m sure that option might be much cheaper but it was worth EVERY penny.

  3. Jerry, you are an amazing Trombomist and I’m thrilled beyond belief that you stopped by.

  4. Thanks for your great post and your support!

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