Empower a Woman w/ FashionABLE

The Perfect Holiday Gift: Purchase a Scarf, Empower a Woman

I’ve written about FashionABLE scarves here before.  I’m become slightly obsessed with them.  Not only are they beautiful, but every time I buy one, I am investing in a woman. I am helping the fight against poverty.  Just check out the story above, Kalkidan is one example.  Let me explain.

In an effort to create sustainable business in Africa through scarf making; instead of making women dependent on charity, FashionABLE helps make women a vital part of a developing economy by employing them to make these beautiful creations and by giving them employment. The company optimizes the unique talents of women and resources in Africa. Each scarf is handmade from Ethiopian cotton in the capital of Addis Ababa. The cotton is collected from the field, the seeds are removed, and then it is separated for the weaving process. The thread is dyed the desired color, and then woven into unique designs.

The vision of fashionABLE is to make a new kind of fashion statement as a responsible consumer. Purchasing a scarf does far more than just create jobs, it gives the women producing them a stable and sustainable business. Scarves provide jobs; profits provide restoration. When you buy a fashionABLE scarf you are able to provide opportunities, and women in Africa are able to have a new choice.

Your purchase of a fashionABLE scarf creates sustainable business in Africa.  It creates jobs, so that the women are not dependent upon charity, but instead are a vital part of a developing economy. Just look at these beautiful creations:


They also make beautiful leather bags!

Check out their merchandise and place your order for a fabulous woman in your life. Head over to FashionABLE today.

 Disclosure: I was not paid to write this post.


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  1. Thank you so much for this post! I have mad love for all things FashionABLE. xo to you Holly.

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