Sponsored Post: Avoiding the Parking Perils of LAX

This post has been written and sponsored by Air Port Parking Reservations.

Airport Parking ReservationsAir travel has its benefits — especially when traveling with kids. It’s faster than driving, so there’s fewer complaints of “Are we there yet?” Plus, with gas prices through the roof, in some cases, it’s more cost efficient — a big plus if your family is like mine and on a budget. However, just like motherhood, with these joys comes a few pains, and if you frequently fly out of Los Angeles’ LAX International Airport, you know parking at LAX is one of the worst.

Finding a space at LAX doesn’t have to be tantamount to taking a toddler for his vaccinations, though. By using an online airport parking reservation site, such as AirportParkingReservations.com, to pre-book your spot you can ease the parking pain and get you and your family to the gate on time.

Making parking reservations online saves time and stress since AirportParkingReservations.com allows travelers to browse a variety of different parking options and then reserve their space from the comfort of their home. Plus, pre-booking a parking spot can lead to up to a 50% savings compared to paying at the airport — leaving more money in your purse for those pricey in-flight snacks and drinks.

AirportParkingReservations offers a variety of off-site parking options, including:

*  LAX Parking Center

*  Air Park Roof Top Parking

*  Air Park Covered Parking

*  Fox LAX Auto Park

*  The Westin Los Angeles Airport

*  QuikPark Lax

*  Hilton LAX

*  Park Air Express

*  Sunrise Self Park

*  Hilton LAX Valet

Most off site parking lots also provide complimentary airport shuttles that are on time and speedy, along with friendly drivers who will assist you with your baggage, so you can hold your little ones’ hands — instead of your suitcase. If you’re a multi-tasking mom on the go, you’ll also appreciate the option to park (at a discount!) at locations that offer car care services, such as washing, waxing, and detailing. So you can leave on vacation with your family and come back to a clean car — at least until the next juice box spill.

Disclosure: I was paid to feature this post.  These are not opinions or information provided by myself, it is being provided by the sponsor.

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