Please Remove Me From Your List


Lately there are six words I seem to be writing at least twenty times a day, making them more news-worthy in my world than any others. They are not the kindest words, nor do I enjoy using them several times an hour, however these six simple words are PLEASE REMOVE ME FROM YOUR LIST. Yep, that's six more words than I'd like to use at any given time. The emails I am getting are usually requests for editorial coverage here on this blog that don't pertain to my niche whatsoever, and they typically leave me dumbfounded. In the past month, I have been asked Read More


#ShareTheJourney & Celebrate the Special Olympics World Games w/ Toyota


As the mother of a special needs child, I have a strong awareness about how children are treated and perceived by society. When someone knocks him down, they knock me down, and I question why people don't see him for who he is - which is basically a rock star. I've been hurt by other mothers who have excluded him from their children's lives because he is different - not just once, countless times. Now that he's older, some of this rejection is beginning to come from other children, and now it hurts both of us, not just me. I look forward to the day where Read More


Time is of the Essence (and the New Citizen Sunrise Watch) #BetterStartNow


I've always thrived on chaos. My mom used to ask me constantly how I managed to do so much in a day. Between the kids, work, community projects and everything else, I'd fill my days with so much activity that it seemed more than enough to fit one person's schedule. After all, who says that being a mom doesn’t have its daily challenges?  As a working mom, I've always prided myself on multi-tasking. Put me in front of the television and I’ll be on my laptop.  While washing dishes, I'm on the phone.  While breastfeeding, I used to read books at the same Read More


Minted: Design Your Own Stationary with Art from Around the World

A few weeks ago came across a new line of stationary that caught my eye instantly.  You have to understand that I am not typically into design - I tend to buy a lot of Hallmark cards.  I have never really discovered a line that excited me.  But this card made me linger and want to explore the line futher: A totally new concept for me has come into my life: Indie stationary.  Made by a company called Minted, a design-your-own stationery site, these pieces of stationary are made by designers all over the world, in 43 countries.  Minted believes that Read More


Sponsored Post: Avoiding the Parking Perils of LAX

Airport Parking Reservations

This post has been written and sponsored by Air Port Parking Reservations. Air travel has its benefits -- especially when traveling with kids. It’s faster than driving, so there’s fewer complaints of “Are we there yet?” Plus, with gas prices through the roof, in some cases, it’s more cost efficient -- a big plus if your family is like mine and on a budget. However, just like motherhood, with these joys comes a few pains, and if you frequently fly out of Los Angeles’ LAX International Airport, you know parking at LAX is one of the worst. Finding a Read More


Verizon Thinkfinity Helps Find Educational Resources for Our Kids

Verizon Thinkfinity

In this age of information overload, it’s becoming more and more challenging to find and utilize the best educational resources available for our kids. Verizon Foundation has partnered with nationally recognized leaders in educational disciplines including literacy, math, humanities and science to create “Verizon Thinkfinity,” an award-winning free digital experience that brings to life educational resources, interactive games, lesson plans, news and webinars to encourage excellence in students, parents and teachers alike. Verizon Thinkfinity Content Read More