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Lately there are six words I seem to be writing at least twenty times a day, making them more news-worthy in my world than any others. They are not the kindest words, nor do I enjoy using them several times an hour, however these six simple words are PLEASE REMOVE ME FROM YOUR LIST. Yep, that’s six more words than I’d like to use at any given time.

The emails I am getting are usually requests for editorial coverage here on this blog that don’t pertain to my niche whatsoever, and they typically leave me dumbfounded. In the past month, I have been asked to review toffee, a yoga and tutus event, Kosher swim ware and other miscellaneous things that are irrelevant to the world I write about.

Have I mentioned that all my of these pitches are basically asking for free exposure? They are sending me the info with the expectation of me jumping for joy and blogging about them, tweeting about them and shouting out everywhere about how fabulous they are.

There there also authors asking me if they can make editorial contributions.  Typically, these are requests for a link to their business. I probably get more of these types of emails than anything.

Let’s take a look at my “About Us” section, which hasn’t changed much over the years:

The Culture Mom’s mission is to enliven readers by showing how accessible and fun cultural and travel experiences, in New York City and beyond, can be in everyday life.  The Culture Mom is a gallant, worldly irreverent, urban explorer with broad cultural interests.  We’re passionate about travel, film, TV, reading, music, art and new experiences, both for us and our children. We also love the idea of social good, using our online voice to make a difference.

Let’s look at a few of my recent posts – I recently wrote about a ski trip to Mont Tremblant, Netflix, the NY Botanical Garden, a trip to Woodloch Resort, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical and how devastated I was by the death of David Bowie. I do have a niche, if it’s hard to figure out, look at my freelance writing. I typically write about travel, culture and social good. I don’t venture into faraway territories.

Why am I writing this post? I am grateful for any attention, I assure you, and I don’t want to sound like I’m not. All I am asking is that you look at my blog before emailing me and treat me like a professional. Yes, I do have the word “mom” in my URL, and I do understand that puts me in a specific category of bloggers, but please treat me with respect.

I actually just found an old post with a few requests for all of you out there pitching me, and I’m going to repost things to avoid in the future:

– The Culture Mom is not a listing. While I do attend many cultural events, I really write about the ones I cover. Inviting me is fine, but please don’t ask me to run a listing when you don’t one here.

– My niche is fairly obvious – I cover travel, culture and advocacy. I write about these topics here and elsewhere. I don’t post recipes. I don’t review baby products. I don’t write about yogurt.

– Please don’t ask me to repost press releases. My blog is experiential. I make recommendations. I won’t recommend or promote something I know little about, particularly if it doesn’t fit my niche.

– I have a rate card. I’m a professional. Major brands should not ask for free advertising so please don’t.

– I don’t feature guest posts unless they are in line with my content. Sponsored posts? I do, but rarely, only because many of your requests don’t seem legitimate and the topics are too off first base.

– Please don’t pitch me with a subject line like this one: Every Mom Deserves a Bit of Pampering. I don’t really respond to a topic that not only pigeon holes me but talks down to me.

– And please don’t call me a “mommy blogger” in your pitch. I will most likely delete your email without responding at all.


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