Review: iDropped, Fixes iPhones and Child’s Hearts


When my son’s brand new IPhone 6s appeared with a cracked screen, it not only broke (sorry for the pun) his heart but also presented us with the problem of getting it repaired. After all, it’s the most modern, advanced version of the iPhone and also his favorite belonging in the world, so we needed to remedy the situation at our soonest..without a delay or wait. He wasn’t sure exactly how the phone had broken, after owning it for a mere six hours, but we carefully stressed the need to be patient and understand that these things happen to everyone.

We did get him insurance, but we didn’t want to pay Apple a couple hundred dollars for a replacement iPhone. Thankfully, there are other options, and we investigated what was available to us in the NYC area.

Step in iDropped, a mobile device repair service, which just opened in Brooklyn at the end of 2015. Unlike many wireless retailers that require customers to go days without their phones while being repaired, iDropped strives to mend phones in an hour and other electronic devices within24 hours. Each device goes through a rigorous pre-repair and post-repair checkpoint to ensure complete functionality before it is returned to the customer. They use the highest-quality parts and supplies and supports each repair with a one-year warranty, repairing androids, iPads, mini iPhones, and, of course, iPhones.

We dropped in early on a Sunday morning around 11am. Raheem, the store manager, happily took my son’s phone off his hands and immediately got to work. From start to finish, the screen change probably took no longer than 30 minutes. I was surprised at not only how complicated and intricate the process was, but also how incredibly patient Raheem was whilst changing out all the screws that keep the phone together and working. My son, who happens to be a future technical engineer, was very intrigued by the process and delighted to be given an opportunity to share his love of technology and everything Apple with Raheem and Roberto, his colleague.

iDropped is an interesting business model, repairing iPhones in a flash, with an ultra-pleasant staff, and at reasonable prices to boot. It’s a service I’d definitely recommend.

The location we visited is located at 611 Flatbush Ave. in Prospect Lefferts Gardens. To learn more about iDropped in Brooklyn and/or find out about their locations, please visit their site or call 866-611-1456.

Disclosure: I partnered with iDropped on this review, however all opinions are my own.


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  1. Crisis overted! I hope you’re buying a good protective case.

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