World Maker Faire New York 2017 Will Showcase Innovation (+ Win 4 Tickets!)


My tech-loving son loves Maker Faire! He went last year, and if you don't know what it is, and you are looking for a great day out with the kids, read on. And enter to win four (4) tickets at the end of this post! World Maker Faire New York brings over 750 makers together to share their DIY projects with making enthusiasts. This year it's taking place at the New York Hall of Science in Queens on September 23 and 24. From hobbies and unique inventions to prototypes and new products coming to market, attendees have the opportunity to get up close and Read More


Review: iDropped, Fixes iPhones and Child’s Hearts


When my son's brand new IPhone 6s appeared with a cracked screen, it not only broke (sorry for the pun) his heart but also presented us with the problem of getting it repaired. After all, it's the most modern, advanced version of the iPhone and also his favorite belonging in the world, so we needed to remedy the situation at our soonest..without a delay or wait. He wasn't sure exactly how the phone had broken, after owning it for a mere six hours, but we carefully stressed the need to be patient and understand that these things happen to everyone. We Read More


Feel Guilty About Giving Kids Your iPad? Consider This New Reader and NYC event!

A friend of mine told me recently that they felt guilty about letting her daughter use her ipad. Why? She didn’t feel like it was being used in an “educational” way. So, it’s pretty cool that there is a new interactive reader where your kid is doing something educational and you are actually getting educated at the same time too! The new Ruckus Reader aims to stand apart by helping to evaluate how a child is doing while reading and then emails parents a progress report. It’s kind of like a report card: once a week it highlights highlights where the Read More


Feeling the Need to Unplug in Order to Plug

I never used to be like this. I used to read a lot – newspapers, books, magazines.  I’d carry literature around with me. And I had more human interaction than I have now.  I called my friends.  I knocked on people’s doors at work and in my neighborhood.  I never let a certain amount of time go by before I got in touch with the people I care most about.  I had a cell phone, but to be honest, before I got an iPhone, I hardly used it. Then I had kids and went back to work, and I relied more on my cell phone to keep in touch with the babysitter, Read More


Getting Up and Giving Back with Striiv


I have to admit.  Since I started this whole work at home/some office time/being a mom thing, I'm exercising less.  What can I tell you?  My time is more limited than ever.  I have multiple projects going on at the same time, and with the constant children/babysitter/mom breaks and mishaps (last week my sitter was in the hospital), there is less time than usual to get up and move, I am exercising less than I ever have in my adult life. I still have a membership at the gym, but I refuse to give that up, knowing and hoping that one day I will return on a Read More


Become an App Reviewer

Behind the scenes of The Culture Mom, during the time when I'm not introducing my kids to the cultural world around us, or enjoying everything that NYC has to offer, I'm working as a consultant.  One of my clients is Ruckus Mobile Media, a creator of children's story apps. Ruckus just released their first author-driven app created specifically for Apple's iPad, A PRESENT FOR MILO, which is so perfectly targeted for the 2-5 year-old set, the storyline and use of language is right on and the art is just so impressive. If you have an iPad, take a Read More


Toshiba and Best Buy Collaborate to Introduce Children’s Laptop

Toshiba's Digital Products Division, (DPD), a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., today announced the Satellite® L635 Kids’ PC, Toshiba’s first kid-centric laptop design, available exclusively at Best Buy. Designed in collaboration with Best Buy, the Satellite L635 Kids’ PC is a full-size laptop made for children aged five to 10 that provides a suite of entertainment and education software and allows parents to help ensure their children are staying safe on the Web. Technology products are Read More


Tech-Savvy Family Traveling

On our recent trip abroad, we somehow managed to take more gadgets than usual.  But all for the best as each device came in handy.  Our trips have certainly gotten easier over the years.  Of course, the kids are older, but if we had some of these tools when they were younger, I am sure that our trips would have been easier.  Here are some of the gadgets that I highly recommend you consider taking on your next family trip: 1. The iGo charger is absolutely amazing.  You can charge your phone virtually anywhere, either plugged into the wall or on the Read More