Giveaway: American Girl’s The Body Book for Girls (5 copies)

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My daughter turned 10 today and we are entering the dark abyss of what could be tough conversations about her changing body.  I want to teach her to make the right dietary choices, explain that growing hair under her armpits, teach her about hygiene and teach her to know what to expect when she’s not expecting all these changes to transpire at some point in the next few years. There are also social pressures and situations that could impact her body image and self-esteem and I want her to understand and take them full on when they occur.

When I got a copy of  American Girl’s Care and Keeping of You 2, my daughter and I both locked ourselves up in her room for several nights and snuggled next to each other in her bed to read it. The book is designed for girls 10 and up and addresses physical transformations and emotions that girls face when they hit puberty.  Some of the topics were a bit much for my daughter, like menstruation which she’s not very ready to think about, but other topics were of interest.  Her body is rapidly changing and she was curious about bras, growth, pimples and hormones.  Some of it was over her head but the discussions were good and healthy and the book’s content is dealt with tastefully. We may have to pick it up next year and have a re-read!

I’m thrilled to be giving away FIVE copies of the book!

To win, tell me if you’ve had personal conversations with your growing girl and how it went.

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Winners will be selected randomly.  This giveaway will end on Tuesday, April 16th  at noon EST. Winner will be posted here, on the Culture Mom Facebook page and via email and will have 24 hours to accept their prize.

Disclosure: I was not compensated to run this giveaway, but I was provided with a copy of the book.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. My daughter already has so many questions. Girls begin to blossom so much sooner these days. Better to be ready then not to know.

  2. I have two boys, but I would love to give this book to my sister and niece. Sh’e 11.

  3. Barb Patrick says:

    I have a daughter who is also ten. A year ago she started talking about stuff that I thought girls start talking about at 13. I expressed my concern to a friend who has raised three teen girls. Her advice? She gave me Book 1 of this series — my daughter LOVES it! And it’s very helpful!

  4. I just got to see “the film” at my daughter’s school last night that they will view next month. As much as I hate to admit that she is growing up, I have to start the wheels in motion for this topic discussion. I am really not ready and I think reading this book together would be good for both of us.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Sometimes my 11 year old daughter feels so awkward and ill at ease in her body, It makes me feel like my heart will break. She worries about hair growth and menstruation. She looks to me for assistance and guidance. But she does not really want to speak directly about these things. A book that answers her questions would be most helpful.

  6. I have had a talk with my daughter about the changes she is going through, but I have so much more I need to say. I would love this book, it might just help guid me to say what she needs to hear.

  7. We have the first book and my almost 10 1/2 year old is anxious to read the new one. Our conversation is continuous as her body is changing quickly. Besides the facts, I acknowledge that she might not like what is happening and may be embarassed that it is happening now, but it happens to everyone eventually and she should love and embrace her body and know that many girls are envious of her. The nice thing about the body books is you can read the chapters as they become more relevant.

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