On Getting Gorgeous (Literally and Figuratively!)

getting gorgeous

(Note: I am dreadfully late on this post. I always post on an event that I attend, so I regret my tardiness.)

I am not known for being very beauty or fashion centric, so when I receive invitations to event that revolve around either of the two, I am usually stunned and have to think about my RSVP very carefully. However, some of these invitations are easier to consider.

Like this one: Getting Gorgeous.

Its organizers, Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney, are two of the most amazing, giving and savvy people I’ve met in this space. I love that they met through social media and came up with a business idea that they’ve watched grow and become more successful every year, and I love that they’ve continued to invite me and added it to my own journey. It’s an annual event in NYC that brings bloggers and fashion/beauty brands together. I look forward to it every year as it’s a time to see some of my favorite blogging turned IRL friends and spend an afternoon getting pampered.

And this year was NO exception. Audrey and Vera have truly mastered event-planning. The room looked inviting, celebratory and non-threatening as we we were told to mosey around on our own. There is no pressure, no expectations (i.e. you do for me, I do for you), only a feeling of support and camaraderie for what they do…..and for what we do and how we can do it better.

Vera and Audrey brought together an excellent selection of brands, many of whom I had never met before and had something to teach me about my own beauty and fashion regime. Bali Intimates allowed us to try on some of their new products. At first I was intimidated as I’m not a huge fan of bra shopping, but it was eye-opening to find out I had been wearing the wrong cup size and that I would be getting a new bra in the mail. The folks at Vitabath took time to educate me about taking care of my skin and I’ve really enjoyed using their products in the shower since I got home. I learned about a new resistance training below from ReXist 360. which I look forward to incorporating into my exercise regime at home. While walking around, I sipped on my Voli Vodka Raspberry Goddess and Volito drinks and look forward to making cocktails for my guests at my next party. I got a Astrology reading from Calgon and learned about their new scent. I spoke to the folks at VO5 about their new hair products – I’m a curly hair and it takes a lot to pull me out of my hair routine, but I’m definitely having my daughter try out their new products.

Vera and Audrey are so savvy and organized. There was a slew of other sponsors at the event worth mentioning: Summer, Whosevent, Born Free, Red Carpet Kids, Johnson’s Baby, Aveeno Baby, Designer Imposters, PassionRoses.com and Romio. PassionRoses gave us all a bouquet of roses to take home with us which added a whole extra layer of pampering. Fellow bloggers had their hair done, manicures and more.

It was truly a special afternoon of Getting Gorgeous.

Disclosure: I received items from each of the sponsors mentioned for review but no opinion was asked of me.

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