On Getting Gorgeous (Literally and Figuratively!)

getting gorgeous

(Note: I am dreadfully late on this post. I always post on an event that I attend, so I regret my tardiness.) I am not known for being very beauty or fashion centric, so when I receive invitations to event that revolve around either of the two, I am usually stunned and have to think about my RSVP very carefully. However, some of these invitations are easier to consider. Like this one: Getting Gorgeous. Its organizers, Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney, are two of the most amazing, giving and savvy people I've met in this space. I love that they Read More


Review: 15 Minutes Outside

15 Minutes Outside

I have to admit that I've never been a huge fan of 365 ideas in a year guides, but I do find them intriguing, like the one about the woman that read 365 books in a year and managed to get a book deal, and of course, Julia and Julia, the book and blog that led to a major motion picture with Meryl Streep.   There was also that woman who tried to live like Oprah.  365 day guides seem like very simple concepts, but they do work and tend to sell quite well. They're the types of books I always think to myself, why didn't I think of that and write a book Read More


A Day Out in NYC with Brands, Friends and a Little Pampering

Metropolitan Pavillion

Last weekend I attended  a blogging event called Getting Gorgeous.  I knew that it would be a special event when I got the invite.  Last year at BlogHer, I attended the inaugural event and was overwhelmed by the amount of attention and detail that went into its planning and execution by two well-known and terrific bloggers, Audrey McClellan and Vera Sweeney.  At that event, they gathered brands to educate and inform bloggers about reputable, solid products for womenand provided a forum for bloggers and brands to build relationships.   You had to Read More


What BlogHer 2010 Meant to Me

Full disclosure: A year ago, I made the decision that I HAD to go to the next BlogHer.  One caveat: I didn't have a blog. Read More