Ch…Ch….Changes are Coming!



Sorry for the change of name and silence this week. Let me explain what happened.

I’ve been talking about rebranding for quite a while. I started another new blog in the process (TheHollyChronicles) but have since realized that this site is more important. Eager to change the name, I finally came up with a good fit: THE CULTURE TRIPPER. After months of hemming and hawing, I told my designer to make the change while I was recently out of town…on a cruise ship! When I saw the changeover while sailing the seas, I freaked out.

It’s no one’s fault but mine, but the site is clearly not where I wanted it to be, so it will be worked on in the next few days. I am not posting during this time but you can find my work elsewhere on Family Vacation Critic, This Girl Travels, Ciao Bambino, MiniTime and other sites I contribute to. I hope you come back to see the outcome. I am really excited to start the next chapter of this blog, which will always have The Culture Mom’s heart and soul.

As I stated in a post a few months ago, my new name “needs to encompass my passion for culture (theater, film, books, television), travel, advocacy and the world around us. It also needs to define who I am and keep me close to the world I’ve come a part of over the past four years. This blog (The Culture Mom)  has been responsible for SO MUCH and I don’t want to ever discredit that.”

Moving forward, I will be more focused on my true passions: Travel and Culture. I hope you will come along for the ride.

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