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Disclosure: I partnered with TracFone and Dress for Success to promote their Success is Calling program and was compensated to write several posts about it, but as always, all opinions are my own. This is truly a program that I am proud to be associated with and one that I hope empowers you as much as it did to me upon reading this post.

Two weeks ago I told you about my “Afternoon of Empowerment,” an amazing day I spent getting inspired by real women telling real stories of empowerment. Each one had used a program called Success is Calling™. Created by TracFone and Dress for Success in 2015, the Success is Calling™ program is designed to help women navigate the critical first step to employment – the phone interview. As a result of the Success is Calling™ program in 2015, the majority of the 300 graduates landed a job.

Since I’ve already told you the three empowering stories of success that I heard in person, I want to focus on the program here so you know more about it, in case it’s something you want to get involved in – or know someone else who would. BECAUSE this year, TracFone and Dress for Success are proud to expand the Success is Calling™ program by offering it to twice as many women across the country, providing them with the knowledge and resources to help them thrive during the interview process.

This is wonderful news: During the month of April, TracFone® will donate 20 percent of its handset sales at Walmart, up to $525K, to Dress for Success® to help empower women to build successful careers. As part of the Success is Calling™ program, TracFone® is providing participants with a new smartphone and year of service to support them as they prepare to enter the workplace.

According to a recent survey conducted by TracFone, an interview candidate’s phone etiquette is increasingly critical to advancement in the interview process:

— First Impressions Stick: 85 percent of hiring managers and working professionals say that first impressions made via phone interviews follow the applicant through the entire interview process.

— Confidence Counts: 82 percent of hiring managers use phone interviews to gauge a candidate’s confidence in their professional capabilities.

— Phone Skills Are Essential: 82 percent of hiring managers say phone skills are key to landing and maintaining a job.*

In case you didn’t know, TracFone offers affordable phones from leading manufacturers, such as LG and Samsung, and airtime service plans starting as low as $19.99 for 90 days – an average cost of just $7 per month.**

This program is about building upon women’s existing potential, and I am such a huge supporter.

For more information on Success is Calling™, interview tips and graduate testimonials, visit www.TFSuccessisCalling.com.* This survey was commissioned by TracFone and conducted by Survata, an independent research firm in San Francisco. Survata interviewed 1001 online respondents between March 07, 2016 and March 14, 2016. For further information, visit www.survata.com.

**Based on 90-day/60-minute/$19.99 airtime service plan. A month equals 30 days.


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