Catching up with Margot Robbie and Michael Mosley from Pan Am

A few weeks ago, I was invited to tour the set of Pan Am, which airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. on ABC.  I covered my interview with Christina Ricci a few days ago, and I’ll be sharing more about my visit in the upcoming weeks ahead.  While on the set, I also got to be a part of a group interview with Margot Robbie and Michael Mosley, two actors on the show.  While I was not able to take a photo or video, pictures were taken for me and I’ll be posting them soon. Meanwhile, here is a clip from the show where they were both featured in the same scene.

Both actors were very forthcoming and clearly love being on the show.  They are waiting to hear whether the show is going to be picked up for next year.  I enjoy the show for it expresses and plays into my love of travel and seeing the world.  While we’re all waiting to hear, check out our interview.

Question: What have you learned about how it was for women at the time?

Margot: We did a lot of research. The main thing I try to remind myself is that it should be expected because that is the way it was. You shouldn’t be shocked – that was the time period.

The whole feminist is similar to how we deal with the racism issue. Again, it was so prevalent. It was before the Civil Rights Movement so it was still the way society was. It is a fine line between playing the way the script is written and ignoring your contemporary views a little. It is an interesting aspect and I like that it is incorporated into the script. It’s fun. It kind of makes us feel more, you know, more powerful as women because we are fighting against that stereotype. That’s why the stewardess were going against the norm.

Question: Wasn’t it better for men in those days?

Michael: I’m happy in 2012. The 1960s wasn’t all happy. I mean, you watch a movie like the Help and it is so obvious that the world was not that happy. I mean learning about the brain drain, squeezed them out. One of the biggest perk is that we get to learn, an excuse to re-learn history.

Margot: It’s not just based on America. Pan Am is a global airline. Especially, the Haiti episode, it really shows the global picture of the times.

Question: Do you have a favorite episode?

Margot: I have two – the Raingune (Sp?) and the Berlin episode.  They were just – I love the scripts for Berlin. It wasn’t really a huge storyline for me, but for Collette – Corinne’s character, her parents are being killed by the Nazi’s and she is in Berlin. It’s so interesting how everything was played out and how everyone’s actions are justified because it’s fact and that’s what happened. Everyone has real reasons for what they did. It was also really well directed. And the Rangoon episode was just a lot of fun. We were dancing on tables. It was a blast. What was your favorite episode (to Michael)?

Michael: I think that moment with Collette.

Margot. I agree.

Michael: When she says, America is loved and back into the fold and forgiven.

Margot. It’s so powerful.

Question: Do you have a favorite outfit?

Margot: I mean, I just love the uniform. Yesterday was my last day in it, so I open we come back for another season. I miss it already. You hold yourself differently. It’s really fun – all of the outfits.

Question: Does playing these roles (as stewardesses and pilots) make your feel differently about them in real life?

Michael: (laughs) Yea! Flying used to give me the willies. I don’t know why. But learning about it has been so fascinating. I mean between you and me, I think once they get everyone in the air – about 500 feet- they sit back, go into autopilot and have coffees. And they are up and coming down and out of autopilot.  They have been doing it for 100 years, everything is repeated. It is fascinating.  Vogel, the guy who plays Dean, is actually training to be a pilot.

Margot: Is he still training?

Michael: Yea, he is flying by himself. He said he peed his pants just a little bit. You have to naturally want it. It works out.

Question: How did you fall into these roles?

Michael: I needed a job?

Question: Did you audition for it? What was the process it?

Michael: I got to read the sides or Dean. I read it but then I saw the role of Ted and really liked him. So, I read for Ted and I got it.

Question: How much are you like your character?

Michael: I think Ted is a smart ass – I don’t think I am like that. I think he is sloppier – bumps into people. Very clumsy. Doesn’t think before he says things.

Margot:  He’s very funny.

Michael: Hopefully!

Question: Do you see the weird fan comments on Facebook? Have you had any weird fan encounters?

Michael: No, I haven’t yet.

Question: Do you get recognized?

Michael: I don’t know…maybe once in awhile. Maybe some kid in the mall will say, “Hey, man aren’t you from Scrubs?” Maybe a couple of times for PanAm. A guy bought me a drink in a bar.

Mitch: That might have been for something else.

Michael: You’re right. So, no, I haven’t.

Margot: Yea, I have. A little bit. It’s not as much as when you play a contemporary character cause you just look so different. I sound different, too so it really separates me from the character, which is good. My family came to visit from Australia and we were in Times Square with the huge posters of us. Mom made me take pictures in front of it – really embarrassing. It was mortifying at the time but the person that was taking the picture didn’t understand why we were in front of the poster. Afterwards, my mum was like “it’s my daughter!” The person kept saying, which one? I saw like, it’s me! They couldn’t tell. So, I guess there is a separation. When I do get recognized, everyone is really lovely.

Disclosure: I was a guest of One 2 One Marketing.  I was not compensated to attend this junket but I was provided with a $25 American Express card to cover my travel expenses. 



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