On Missing David Bowie


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David Bowie is gone. It’s the end of an era. Of a beautiful song writer. Of a man who changed the face of music forever. It feels like a fabric from my being was removed. He was poetic. He was brave. He was a chameleon. He paved the way for so many magical talents. Without him, music would not be the same. He seemed immortal.

Remembering David Bowie

I grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, hence I lived through the peak of his career. I don’t remember the first time I heard his music, but I remember loving him at first sight. From his early appearances on MTV, with his ground-breaking videos like China Girl and Let’s Dance to watching him in fab films like The Hunger and Labyrinth to watching him perform live at the Atlanta Omni, where I grew up, I remember all of him. He appeared at the mega charity concert Live Aid in 1985, performed a duet with Mick Jagger around that time and every band I loved was influenced by him. From Duran Duran to Adam Ant, he had paved the way for new wave. He produced one iconic song after another from Heroes to Ashes to Ashes to Ziggy Stardust to Fame and just rocked our world.

Bowie is one singer my British-born husband and I have always shared in common loving, and we were so excited about his new album, BlackStar. After watching his latest video to promote a new song on that album, it’s clear that he knew the end was coming. He must have been giving a timeline and her knew when his time would be up.

David Bowie was so much more than met the eye. He married, had a daughter, and kept largely out of the limelight these past 20 years, since I became an adult. But his music was always there, and it always will be. I feel like part of my childhood was swept out from under me, but the memories he provided will always remain.

I have a childhood friend who shared my passion for Bowie. We reconnected this morning. Bowie brought us back together. I think he would have liked that. May he rest in peace.


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