What Brooklyn Families is All About

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A few weeks ago I received the most unexpected, marvelous invitation to the Brooklyn Museum to find out more about their program Brooklyn Families. Coming from Westchester, I knew the museum would be a bit of a hike very early on a Saturday morning, but my curiosity was peaked about what the museum is doing to engage families. I am always looking for ways to engage my own children in art. They pull me away from museums; I want to pull them in. Brooklyn Families Another big draw: a personal tour of David Bowie is, an exhibit about who was perhaps my Read More


5 Reasons I Love Netflix’s Stranger Things

stranger things

When I found out about Stranger Things' return in 2017 for another season yesterday, I was thrilled. After all, I binged the show on my own in the span of a few days back in July right after its release, then talked my two tweens into binging it, which they in turn did in around 12 hours. I found the show incredibly addictive and I was definitely one of its early discoverers. The first season of the program is only eight episodes (they've promised nine in season two), so it's not a huge commitment, and it's a homage to so many of the films and music I Read More


On Missing David Bowie

david bowie

David Bowie is gone. It's the end of an era. Of a beautiful song writer. Of a man who changed the face of music forever. It feels like a fabric from my being was removed. He was poetic. He was brave. He was a chameleon. He paved the way for so many magical talents. Without him, music would not be the same. He seemed immortal. Remembering David Bowie I grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, hence I lived through the peak of his career. I don't remember the first time I heard his music, but I remember loving him at first sight. From his early appearances on Read More