Wokuni: An Unexpected Culinary Treasure Trove for Kids (and Adults) in Midtown Manhattan

If you’re looking for an unusual and delicious kid’s menu entree for kids in Manhattan, you have to head to Wokuni, an upscale Japanese seafood restaurant in midtown. It’s their first-ever kid’s menu and it’s called Captain Kuni’s Treasure Ship. Plus, it’s at an incredible value – $10 for kids under 12 years old, served at both lunch and dinner. My son and I were eager to try it, and other things on the menu, so we set a date and tried it last week.

The restaurant is very modern and trendy, yet inviting and comfortable. We slid into a private table and gazed up at the high ceilings and bar with stacked shelves. The sushi chefs stand in the back of the restaurant at their station where they prepare the very fresh fish and also greet patrons walking in to the restaurant. The owners run a chain of restaurants in Japan, so they understand the value of fresh seafood, and the fish literally melts in your mouth, whether it’s raw or cooked.

Courtesy of Wokuni.

Speaking of the chef, Kuniaki “Kuni” Yoshizawa happens to be a new dad, and he crafted a kid’s meal by combining fresh seafood and children’s favorite bento items, such as octopus-shaped sausages and karaage fried chicken. My son, who happens to be a real sushi connoisseur, was a reluctant recipient of the meal but he ended up loving it, much to his surprise. The kid’s meal comes out in a wooden ship, and the waiter told him there was a surprise well positioned at the bottom of the plate for when he was done. The meal also includes fresh Salmon Sashimi on a bed of rice, Yamaimo French Fries, Edamame and Fruit. The hidden surprise was gummy fish and chocolate coins, a treat he definitely appreciated.

For adults, the menu consists of traditional izakaya dishes and it’s extremely unique. The tastes and flavors are truly out of this world and I love the way the chef took . You may just want to try everything after you read what we shared: Kimpira (Stir Fried Burdock, Lotus Root, Carrot & Sesame), Ohitashi (Spinach Salad Steeped in Savory Dashi with Shimeji Mushroom), Buri Carpaccio (King Yellowtail topped with Jalapeno), Agedashi Tofu (Fried Tofu bedded in Savory Dashi), Suzuki Green Chili Sauce (Grilled Branzino Ginger Jalapeño Sauce), and Yellowtail and Tuna Rolls. My favorite dish was the Branzino, a dish with beautiful flavors – honestly so sublime that I am dreaming about it now.

So, for the kid’s meal, the Branzino, the fresh fish, and the low prices for this type of exquisite meal, I highly recommend Wokuni.

Disclosure: I was provided with a comp’ed meal to facilitate this review and others but all opinions are my own.

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