Week 3: Middle-Aged Personal Training at Encore Fitness


This week I had my 3rd training session with Robert Lankard, one of the two founders at Encore Fitness. It may have been session #3, but I have to admit it was the first time I actually felt pain the next day. It was also the first time I actually felt like the work outs were starting to have an effect. As soon as I left Encore, I felt sensation in my legs walking up steps in the subway. I took that as a good sign.

As the days have come and gone since my work-out, I have felt more compelled to work-out, and that in its own rite is an achievement. For me to want to work-out was truly a personal goal when Robert and I started working together.

I don’t usually post photos of myself on this blog, and I certainly would never have posted photos of myself working out, but I put several up on Instagram and I am posting a few in this post. I have no goal in doing that other than to inspire other middle-aged broads. If I can do this, anyone can, I promise you.


Source: EncoreFitnessNY.com

This week’s session was spent focusing on my neuromuscular control with the ladder. We also did modified pull ups on the TRX, great for core strength and building a strong back and arms. I’m hoping to tone these muscles, as along with grey hair, I now have flab. A lot of flaws come with middle-age but if I can stop any of it from coming early at age 45, I will. We also did some planking on a big ball. Robert explained to me that the benefits of planking go beyond a toned and flat belly. It helps remove back pain and stabilize the spine by by strengthening superficial and deep abdominal muscles as well as the muscles of the back. He encouraged and cheered me on as I held my position until the bitter end, squeezing in my glutes, belly button and focusing on my breathing.

We worked really hard straight through our hour together, from start to finish, and I felt terrific in the end. I didn’t check my watch every minute, as I have done many times in the past, hoping it would end. The hour went rather fast and I even ran to the sporting goods stores afterwards to buy myself a foam roller per Robert’s request and suggestion. Now to use it.

How do you stay motivated to work out? Tell me in the comments below.

Disclosure: I am receiving free personal training services from Encore Fitness NY, but all opinions are my own. To contact Robert or his partner, Damian, for fitness training, go here: http://www.encorefitnessny.com/contact-us.

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  1. It is so hard to stay motivated. It is definitely my biggest hurdle. I’m working on it. I’m also very out of shape and have to make some physical allowances but I want to push harder. I’m at the point where I’ve seen some success but still have a long way to go. Good luck to you.

  2. Looking good. Please do continue to post with pictures of yourself, good form!

  3. Holly, I stay fit by teaching and coaching and the kids keep me moving. I don’t have a flexible cell in body, yet I learned the downward dog and pilates 100 when I found myself teaching fitness to high schoolers.

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