Review and Discount Code: The Amazing Max and the Box of Interesting Things

Amazing MaxOn Christmas Eve, we made our way into the city to catch The Amazing Max and The Box of Interesting Things at the Manhattan Movement & Arts Center. We had seen Freckleface Strawberry two weeks prior at the same theater, and my son, also named Max, was eager to return to catch his namesake performing magic.

The Amazing Max is a young, eclectic magician who declares himself as psychic at the show’s start.  After every magic trick, he asks that the audience shout out “AMAZING!” He utilizes audience participation to the max during the course of the show and gives each volunteer a magic wand at the end of each mini act.  Kids can sit on the floor in front of the stage, grabbing the best chance of getting called up, but Max also pulls participants from the upper rows, as well.

Max has a whole slew of tricks up his sleeve, and all of them appeal to kids of all ages (adults will enjoy, too).  From card tricks to juggling to hatching eggs to making coins appear everywhere to taking a ring from a woman and finding it buried in a wrapped gift, his tricks are both amazing and puzzling. I found myself sitting there thinking, “How did he do that?”

My son, also named Max, was one of the lucky children to be chosen that day to join his namesake on stage, after watching kids named Sklar, Dylan, Corrie, Michael and Harry join him for tricks.  He was raising his hand so high and sitting up so straight that it was clear how much he wanted to be chosen.  Little did he know how much fun he was in for when he was part of Max’s fire making experiment.











My Max was in his element as you can at the very end of the act (that is my voice cheering him on, naturally):

After the show, he and my daughter ran to meet the real Max and get his autograph.  Max also taught them a few tricks.  Not only is he nice and patient on stage, but he is genuine in real life and great with kids. He is billed as one of the most sought after magicians in New York, and it is easy to see why.

The MMAC Theater is located at 248 60th St (btwn Amderdam & West End).  You can click here to order tickets or use discount code: AMPROMO3 at www.broadwayoffers.com.  Discount tickets are only $26.50 are only for orchestra seating).
Valid on all weekend performances now thru 3/10/12.

Disclosure: These tickets were complimentary to facilitate this review.















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  1. Jordan Jacobs says

    My family saw the Amazing Max today and thought it was not so amazing. It is certainly not a show for the when family to enjoy. My 10 year old son found it painful as did I. Max performed maybe 5 magic tricks and that’s it. This is a show for 3-5 year olds. Additionally I think the price point for the tickets, approximately $150 for a family of 4, is egregious. We definitely did not get our money’s worth! Also, I read a bunch of reviews before purchasing the tickets that said the show was great for all ages- not a bad review did I see. I now know why– I have tried to post my negative review in a few sites and they would not let me post a bad review. That doesn’t really seem fair or honest.

    • Jordan, I appreciate your comment as I encourage freedom of speech and strongly believe in providing honest feedback on everything I write. I looked back at my post as it’s been a while since I saw this show, but the video I posted reminded me of my son’s sheer enjoyment. He was truly mesmerized and he was 8 at the time.

  2. Wow! Culture Mom’s son, Max, is truly amazing. Where did he learn to do all those tricks?

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