Planning a Girlfriend Trip to Asia: Motherhood and Wanderlust

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I currently have a 3-part series over at a wonderful site called Go Girlfriend. The first part debuted last week and it was about the planning and thinking process that went into my trip before I left. Why did I want to travel without my family and how was my decision perceived.  It’s all in this piece.

Here’s a snapshot:

Every time we told people we were heading on a solo adventure, they immediately assumed we were traveling on business or were having a mid-life crisis. How could I not be traveling with my husband, they asked?

Why is it so shocking, I asked myself? Why so unusual? My kids are now old enough that I knew they’d be fine. More than fine. Nothing would change and when I returned, we’d reunite happily. But then life would go on. And my trip would become a distant memory.

I’m sharing it here, now.  I hope you will stop by and give it a read. Comment there or here and let me know if you can relate.

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