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Everytime I have a chance, I go on my own personal blog tour using Google Reader.  It amazes me how long I can spend reading the words of so many amazing women who blog about topics true to my heart.  This week I am highlighting some of them and hope you’ll find your way over to their blogs and join their RSS feeds, too.  Reading these blogs is akin to sitting down with a good girlfriend and having a good banter.

Lessons in Generosity (Plus Lily Makes Three)

Not Awful Baby Names (Scary Mommy)

Every blog post on Mom-101

This Just in: Appaman is Teaming Up with Target (Mom Finds)

We Weekly Chat (Motherhood in NYC)

New York: City of Extremes (From Hip 2 Housewife)

On Trying to Embrace Spirited and Creative (Shiny Brite)

3 Simple Ways I Looked Out for Myself This Week (The Happiest Mom)

The Lonely Cry Of the Selfless Mom (Her Bad Mother)

It’s Really Hard to Force My Kids to do What I want (Mama Bird Dairies)

Tough Part of Being a Single Mom (Mommy Delicious)

Learning to Drive – Memorable High School Experience (NYC Single Mom)




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