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Today is an important day for EVERYONE.

It is the day when the 113th Congress has its first session.

And we all know the issue of utmost importance that must be first on the agenda.

Gun control.

There should not be anyone on the planet that feels otherwise.  But unfortunately, there are and we have to fight this battle.

As a mom, I wept along with the rest of the nation a few weeks ago when a shooter broke into Sandy Hill Elementary School and took 20 young, innocent lives from this earth.  That’s why I’m joining efforts with One Million Moms for Gun Control and tomorrow they will be  leveraging the collective power of mothers across the country through social media to demand action on gun control legislation.

“We are asking all members of Congress – including the 90 new members being sworn in – to act by bringing gun control legislation to the floor for a vote without delay,” said Shannon Watts, Founder of One Million Moms for Gun Control. “After the tragic massacre in Newtown last month – the 16th mass shooting in 2012 – we need immediate action on common-sense gun control legislation.”

Specifically, One Million Moms for Gun Control is asking the new Congress to act on The Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act being introduced by Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.) and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.). The legislation would ban the high-capacity magazines that have been involved in many of the recent high-profile instances of mass gun violence.

Today’s campaign will demonstrate the momentum among mothers for new and strengthened gun control laws, as well as to support The Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act.

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They are encouraging Moms to promote a message of awareness by writing on sidewalks in front of homes, train stations, schools and other public places: “Moms Demand Action,” signed with a heart, and 1MM4GC.org, the acronym for One Million Moms for Gun Control. Share your photo by emailing it to them at photos@1MM4GC.org.

As part of the campaign, mothers across the country will be asked to use sidewalk chalk write the slogan ‘Moms Demand Action’ and sign it with a heart and 1MM4GC, the acronym for One Million Moms for Gun Control, on sidewalks in front of their homes, train stations, schools and other public places.

In addition, moms are being asked to change their Facebook profile picture to the One Million Moms for Gun Control logo; invite 26 friends to join One Million Moms for Gun Control’s Facebook page in honor of the 26 Sandy Hook victims; and to Tweet using the hashtags #momsdemadaction, #momsforguncontrol and #1MM4GC.

One Million Moms for Gun Control is also enabling its members to demand stricter and new gun control legislation by emailing, Tweeting and mailing a petition to the White House, the National Rifle Association and their specific members of Congress through an advocacy campaign tool created by BlastRoots.  Click here to speak out to your elected officials through the Blast Roots Campaign.

One Million Moms for Gun Control is not against guns, but against the proliferation of military-type weapons that have been allowed into society with too little oversight.

“Mothers simply won’t stand for any delay or political antics that keep new laws from being introduced and voted on by the House and Senate. If these legislators fear the National Rifle Association, just wait until they’ve felt the pressure of millions of angry moms,” said Watts.

Join me tomorrow. Let’s show up and make a difference while we can.

Disclosure: All opinions are my own, how could they not be?

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  1. You guys are wrong, this is an emotional reaction. You see guns and they scare you like they are alive or somthing. Im sick of people being babies. I get so many dirty looks from dumb women every day at least 3 times a day when i carry. You dont know what its like to be im my shoes, they dont realize me; the jerk with the gun would actually shield you and your kid with my own body as i take out the madman jihadust, and save you. Plus, recreational shooters are more acurrate, most cops only practice once a year. We shooters also have broken hearts when we hear about terrible atrocities, we’re not evil

  2. Candace Drimmer says


  3. Mark Kieras says

    I completely support your cause/efforts. This nation should have reasonable gun control laws. Ban assault weapons and sure tighten background checks.

  4. Getting out my chalk right now.

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