A Mom in Pursuit of Solo Travel (Sans Guilt)


I’ve just spent a few days in the Florida Keys at a resort that’s ideal for families. While I’m here, I’ve experienced several activities my kids would love – from fly fishing to jet skiing to a sunset cruise to a bike ride beyond the property.

Only there’s one catch – my kids aren’t here. I’m on my own after a pursuit of solo travel. I’m actually covering the resort. It was recently renovated and I’ll reviewing its new features for several publications I write for. I’m on a press trip with four other journalists. Some have kids, some don’t.

There is no question that traveling without my kids offers opportunities to explore and get more more in depth looks than traveling with them. I’m able to wake up and go for a run without worrying about hungry children, too. The experience is altogether different.

But don’t get me wrong: I started traveling with my kids right out of my womb. They’ve circled the globe and have traveled with me and my husband many times. I get immense pleasure out of showing them my favorite spots and seeing new places at the same they do.

But traveling alone gives me something much larger than life, and every now it’s important to stop and remember what it gives me. For one thing, it feeds my wanderlust and allows me to connect with myself on a very real and intimate basis that I can’t do when the kids are around.  It also allows me to be more experimental and adventurous. Riding a jet ski two days ago in the Keys gave me an opportunity to not only feel young again but also to tour the islands surrounding the resort, something I most likely wouldn’t get to do with my kids in tow.

My kids don’t limit me – they’ve actually helped me gain perspective on life. Since they were both born, I better see the possibilities in life. I see what’s out there in the world, and I want to spend every waking moment doing, seeing, going, experiencing.

So how I travel without guilt? My kids are older, but it’s still not easy. I leave everything back home as organized as I can, knowing in my heart that things may not go according to plan. But I also know that they will survive. I will come home refreshed and happy that I am furthering this extension of my career.

Riding the jet ski refreshed and reminded me of everything I love about getting out and seeing the world. I am going home shortly and I believe my family will also benefit from my time away.



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