MAJOR Kung Zhu Special Forces Pet Giveaway (Zhu Zhu Pets)

Are your kids as into zhu zhu pets as mine are?  They go nuts for them.  My daughter has them in all colors, their clothing, a house, cars for them to ride around in.  I never imagined the collection would grow as much as it has, but they put them near the registers at CVS and everytime we wander into the store to buy milk, I get trapped……

Nevertheless, they are pretty cool toys and reasonable priced.  And now it’s just getting cooler.  This fall, the brand behind Zhu Zhu pets are launching a new line that will appeal especially to boys: the Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters, the militant arm of Zhu Zhu.  The new line will feature Special Forces, Ninja Warriors, Rangers, and the Skull Tribe Battle Hamsters, along with armor/battle gear, vehicles, and training arenas.  They dart around, scurry from place to place, and coo and squeak based on the unique environment they encounter. But all that changes when the hamsters encounter the magical “Tablet of Zhu,” a special training ground that transforms the Zhu Zhu Pets into Kung Zhu Special Forces or Ninja Warriors, ready to do battle against each other.

My son ripped his battle hamster and battle armor open and started pushing it all over the house.  He turned the house into a real battleground.

Interested?  Think your kids would love them.  Today on the Culture Mom, I am giving away FOUR sets of these cool Zhu Zhu battle hamsters, along with a set of Battle Armor.  The retail on each set, zhu zhu pet and armor, is about $20.  All you have to do is the following:

1. Comment below and tell me why your kids will want this gift.

Earn extra opportunities by doing the following:

-Join my Facebook page and tell me below.

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-Send me your contact information.

Do all of these things and you can enter to win!  I’ll select four random winners on Friday, October 29th at noon.

Disclosure: These items were sent to me by the distributor to review, but no opinion was expected of me.

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  1. c2cmom follows you on Twitter. (That’s how I learned of the giveaway!)

  2. We’re excited about this Kung Zhu battle hamster line – those unique li’l noises and that Tablet of Zhu are fun!

  3. Shannon Gittleman says

    My 5 yo daughter loves them and has some, now that they’ve introduced the Kung Zhu pets my son is wanting them too. He turns 4 in November and this would be a perfect birthday gift for him!

  4. Jeannine m says

    follow you on twitter @mellanhead

  5. Jeannine m says

    like you on fb (jd drenchek-scavo)

  6. Jeannine m says

    my son has been telling me he wants a Kung Zhu pet for the last two months lol I keep telling him he has to wait for santa

  7. I follow on Twitter

  8. My nieces love the Zhu Zhu pets

  9. I follow you on twitter as hell_0kitty

  10. l like you on FB.

  11. My boys would love this! They play with the original Zhu Zhu Pets. I know they will love these ones geared for boys!

  12. seriously i think they are silly but for some reason its all my kids talk about

  13. I follow you on Twitter{Deb55106}


  14. I like you on FB{Deb S}


  15. My granddaughter loves zhu zuh’s and we don’t have these yet 🙂


  16. and I follow you on twitter 🙂

  17. We love zhu zhus !

  18. My daughters have one between them. They would love to have more and who doesn’t love the sounds they make??

  19. my daughter would love these because she loves animals and anything that moves.

  20. I subscribe to your rss feed.

  21. I like you on facebook.

  22. We have one of the original zhu zhu pets and my boys love it (and fight over it constantly) so winning one of these would be a godsend for me.. Plus with having 2 boys i’m sure the fact that it’s a kung zhu would be even better!!

  23. I follow you on Twitter

  24. We love Zhu Zhu pets in our house. The girls are entertainted for hours.

  25. Mary Jenkins says

    fb fan
    Mary Jenkins

  26. Mary Jenkins says

    My daughter just discovered zhu zhu pets and is obsessed. She loves toys with lots of motion!

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