My Latest on MiniTime: 10 Reasons to Visit Iceland with Kids


My latest piece over on MiniTime is about a family travel destination close to my heart, ICELAND. We took the kids about five years ago. It wasn’t the most obvious of places to visit on our annual summer holiday but somehow or other, but we were definitely curious and once we began to do our research, we decided it would be our summer holiday destination.  The kids didn’t know what to expect when they heard the word “Iceland” – they thought we were going to go ice-skating and skiing during all throughout the holiday.

Iceland is truly one of those unexpected, exotic destinations that have helped our kids develop and share a love of travel.  One-third of Iceland is roughly 40,000 square miles, volcanically active and laden with fields of lava. It’s this unique landscape that makes the country so stunning, almost magical. Of course, it’s also what makes it such an unconventional place to vacation, certainly one that wouldn’t occur to most American families.  We discovered much more to love about Iceland which convinced us the country is an ideal family destination. First, it’s closer than most people realize located half-way between the U.S. and Europe. The majority of the population is sparse, with 75% of the country’s 330,000 people living in Reykjavik. This fact helps make it an exotic yet safe place, and English is widely spoken. There are also a lot of outdoor child-friendly activities to choose from including horse riding, kayaking, watching geysers and waterfalls, bird watching, whale watching, geothermal swimming pools, Viking wax museums and more. In addition, there are discounts for children on tours as well as accommodations.

Plus, you won’t see a lot of places as beautiful as Iceland in your lifetime. Iceland is a geologically active country with its tectonic plates still moving and the country is still changing shape. Surrounded by volcanic activity and home to numerous species of duck and waterfowl, the waterfalls, gorges, glaciers and fjords present outdoor and photo opportunities galore. Warmed by Gulf Stream currents, Iceland’s temperature is much milder than the name suggests. While winter nights glow with the Midnight Sun and last until mid-morning, spring and summertime bring long daylight that make days long-lasting. It was kind of exciting to go to sleep in complete light and wake up to the same dazzling sky.

Read the post here: http://www.minitime.com/trip-tips/10-Reasons-to-Visit-Iceland-with-Kids-article – it might get you packing for a trip to Iceland.

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