How Travel Has Transformed Me


“As you move though this life …you leave marks behind, however small.

And in return , life — and travel — leaves marks on you.”

– Anthony Boudain

Do you want to hear how travel has transformed me? I’m about to tell you.

Last week I was in the middle of the most amazing trip in Iceland when something quite unexpected happened to me. I got hurt. Not just hurt, badly hurt.

Without going into detail on what happened, I will just say that I’m okay and that everything was done to make me comfortable while I was in Europe. I got home a few days ago and have been seeing various doctors. The pain is lessoning each day and there is now a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ll be back on my feet soon, or at some point, but I’ve had to clear my calendar for the next six weeks and will be very sedentary. My kids and husband are about to see more of me than they’ve seen for weeks.


Prior to the moment of doom, I had been having the most spectacular time in Iceland. I was there as part of a group of high-profile journalists and it was an honor to be included. The two days prior to my accident included a hike, horseride, visit to the site of the 2010 eruption, a ride to the top of a glacier, a trip to the Blue Lagoon, a visit that completely cleared my skin for the first time in a year, and so much more. I was in my element and the photo above of me jumping in the wilderness reflects my feelings precisely.

There was so much pleasure and fulfiillment in my heart that even after I was injured, my spirits continued to soar. It may have been a culmination of several weeks of transformative travel experiences, not only in Iceland, but in Hawaii and Mexico, but whatever the case, I have remained confident and smiling during treatment, and if you knew the pain I’m experiencing, you’d be very impressed.

Travel has always meant a great deal to me, ever since I went to Israel on my own at age 16, but it has taken on a new life in recent years since I became a wife and mother and means even more to me now than ever before. It has opened my eyes up to all the possibilities in life. I meet the most fascinating people on my adventures – people whose stories I take in and get ideas about how to live life from.

Travel has not only helped me to look at life through a different lens but it’s shown me what I’m capable of doing. In recent weeks, I’ve gone bike riding down a canyon, rode in a doorless helicopter and went tubing through irrigation tunnels in Hawaii, went horseback riding in South Iceland and went on a beautiful catamaran ride in Mexico. I’ve gazed at the most beautiful sunsets and have written honestly about my experiences. I’ve also sampled different foods and have tasted the most gorgeous flavors and smelled the most dynamic aromas you could ever imagine.

You may be wondering how my family handles my travels? They know I am doing what I love, what I was trained to do. I leave life in relatively good hands when I’m gone and check in often. With technology, particularly Facetime, I can keep in touch from pretty much anywhere. I come back energized, happy – qualities which make for better mothering.

As I sit here on my mandatory break from seeing the world, I wanted to share my feelings about the transformative qualities of travel. I won’t let the fact that I’m having surgery tomorrow get me down, but you can send good wishes in the comments!

Have you been transformed by travel? Please share your feelings and experiences in the comment section below.



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  1. Your traveling sounds like fun. I would like to travel more.

  2. Yes. Travel has transformed me in ways I continue to discover even now that I”m not traveling. First and foremost, I learned to be a lot more patient with myself and others. Sorry about your injury. Mishaps traveling are always a little more stressful but that’s what travel insurance is for, right? I hope it doesn’t clip your wings too long. It’s good your voice is in the travel blogsphere giving the unique vision of a place through a mid life woman’s eyes!

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