Flight School, The Musical

Guest Post: Review of Flight School, The Musical


How many of us have asked ourselves if we should try to do something although everyone tells us that it’s virtually impossible?

Is our will more important than our capabilities? As adults, we know what our limitations are. We can make the best decision based on our knowledge.

Now think about little kids. They are still learning their limitations and capabilities and it’s impossible to make a difficult decision. What is the process to achieve a means

Flight School, The Musical

Flight School, The Musical, now playing at the Vital Theatre in NYC, will answer this question for kids, and who knows, it might solve a problem for adults, as well.

Based on the children’s book by Lita Judge, the show tells the story of a young penguin that wishes against all odds to fly. His dreams are shattered once he realizes that penguins cannot fly.  However, with the help of friends, Owl, Seagull, Pelican, and Teacher Flamingo, he achieves his dream once and for all, proving that with “enough heart everybody can fly like an eagle”.

The show demonstrates that achieving a difficult goal is not an easy process, but it’s possible. It praises teamwork and encourages us to find ways to work together and support each other, in addition to the notion that with a strong will and heart we can achieve even the impossible.

The four friends of the penguin (played by Jennifer Smith) are typical characters that kids are familiar with, which make the play even more real. The Pelican (played by Owen Beans) is an over confident bully, who tells the penguin the truth: “Penguins don’t fly”; the Seagull (played by Clint Hromsco) is a very funny character, who admires the Pelican and follows him; the book smart owl (played by Alie B Gorrie) is friendly and supportive; and the lovely teacher (played by Ashtia Jewell) is even sweeter in real life. We met her after the show when the actors came out to indulge the kids in autograph-signing.

My kids couldn’t stop laughing whenever the Seagull spoke. They loved his facial expression and his constant mentions that he “eats sushi for breakfast”!

If you or your kids are not familiar with the book, they’ll be fine and it may inspire them to pick it up after the show.

If you want to see Flight School, The Musical, hurry! It ends on December 6th. Tickets are $30.00 for regular seats and $40.00 for premium seats.

For reservations and information visit www.vitaltheatre.org or call (212) 579-0528.

The Vital Theatre Company is located at 152 West 71st Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam.


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  1. Seagull is the funniest part of the show. Even my kids loved it. Nice blog keep posting!!!

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