Giveaway: Big Apple Circus in NYC on 10/17


I took my daughter to see the Big Apple Circus when she was 3 years-old.  We trekked into NYC mid-week and entered the a large tent at Lincoln Center.  I remember it being just like an-fashioned circus with clowns, jugglers, flying trapeze performers, horse back riders, acrobatics, puppies and more.  It was her first circus experience and it certainly left a mark on her memory.  She has never forgotten it….

…which is why I’m excited about its upcoming arrival in NYC. It’s making its triumphant return to its hometown from October 17th to January 11th for its annual engagement  Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park with its all-new show, METAMORPHOSIS.

The Big Apple Circus is the real thing – only without the mistreatment and abuse of animals other circuses have: The thrilling flyers of the trapeze, swooping and swirling through circus skies! The razzle-dazzle of the rolla-bolla, an act that teeters right on the edge of equilibrium! The dynamo of the diabolo, the whirling double–tops of the Big Top! An aerial space-age acrobatic adventure — an ascent to amazement! The risky rhythms of the Risley team, twisting and turning, topsy-turvy! The cadenzas of camels and horses, and the exuberance of playful pooches, out to dazzle with delight! The cunning conjurors of the quick-change act, defying belief and inspiring awe! And Francesco the Clown, captivating the crowd with his musical merriment and gentle humor. Under the direction of maestro Rob Slowik, the renowned Big Apple Circus Band provides as always the live and glorious tunes of the sawdust spectacular.

Big Apple Circus Giveaway

I’m giving away TWO pairs of tickets to Big Apple Circus at Lincoln Center!

To win, just comment below and tell me about the first circus you ever went to. Also, you must follow the Culture Mom Facebook page (no need to tell me, I can check).

Winners will be selected randomly. Each winner will receive two tickets, which will be held at the box office day of show in your name. This giveaway will end on Wednesday, September 24th at 12pm EST. Winner will be posted here, on the Culture Mom Facebook page and via email and will have 24 hours to accept their prize.

Disclosure: I was not compensated to write this post but received complimentary tickets to facilitate the review.  Giveaway is courtesy of Big Apple Circus.



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  1. I went to Barnum and Bailey at the Spectrum in Philadelphia when i was 2 and a half, just weeks before my sister was born. For the longest time it was my earliest memory. Tho now i think i remember doing projects about my earliest memory in art class about that circus then actually remembering the event. One thing that stood out for a long time was that a circus in late July or early August pretty much stank to high heaven.

  2. Melissa Smith says

    I only vaguely remember going to the circus when I was younger. I’d love to go to this, but sadly, I’m too far away. Sharing with my NY friends though! 🙂

  3. Wendy Wallach says

    My grandma rose used to take me to the circus when I was small. She didn’t trust the food so always brought along sandwiches and grape juice Ina Tupperware container. I envied the kids who got to eat the got dogs and popcorn! She had just enough money to always buy me a light. I always dreamt about being the kid who gets to ride on the floats but alas I was never picked! Circus geek? You betcha!

  4. My first memory of the circus was going to nyc to see the ringling bros. circus. Loved the circus flashlight souvenirs too! I also rember getting into the preshow where u got to walk around and see some of the animals before the show. Would love to bring my little one to share the memories!

  5. Sarah Packard says

    I think the first circus I might have seen as a kid was Ringling Bros also, but I only vaguely remember it…oddly enough, I remember more visiting the circus-themed casino Circus Circus in Las Vegas as a kid! 🙂 I’m not sure if we actually saw any kind of real circus there, but it was definitely exciting.

  6. One of my best memories was going for the first time to The Ringling Bros Circus in Madison Square Garden with just my Dad when I was 8. I got a pink pixie doll on a stick and pink cotton candy. We bought my brother a flashlight on a rope that when you twirled it around it made a circle of light. Even though it was his present I got to use it during the circus. I would love for my husband to make this memory with her.

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