How to Have a Sublime Midlife Crisis Trip in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Temple

Last year I went on a trip to Asia with a really good girlfriend of mine. I wrote about my travels primarily on gogirlfriend.com and you can go back and read my stories there. The trip was everything that I'd hoped it would be...and then some. For two weeks, we ventured into the unknown - truly, as neither of us had been to this unique part of the world - and it was sublime. Before we went, we created this amazing document on Google Docs, which we titled "Holly & Alaina's Midlife Crisis Trip 2013" which we referred to constantly during our Read More


Winter Break in Montreal with Kids

Montreal with Kids

Every year we do something during break but we usually have two stipulations: 1. We choose a destination in driving distance and 2. We choose a place within a reasonable budget. While we would love to pick up and go visit our family in the UK more than anything in the world, it's just not feasible this time of year. We wanted some place exotic and adventurous so Montreal with kids immediately came to mind. There are so many reasons to take your kids on a trip to explore Montreal. For one thing, it’s the Europe of North America and you can introduce Read More


A Mouth-Watering Meal at Plates

plates meal

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week, the region’s largest dining event, is returning Nov. 4-17.  This popular event, spanning 114 miles and seven counties, is among the largest Restaurant Week events in the country, bringing together farmers, chefs and local purveyors to support the local economy and showcase the farm-to-table movement that makes the Hudson Valley a premiere culinary destination. The list of restaurants is extensive and includes some of our favorites and some places we've yet to try including Red Hat on the River, Tarry Lodge, X20 Xaviars Read More


Foodie Dining in Vail, Colorado


While visiting Vail recently, I was introduced to some of the loveliest restaurants in town. I assumed that the food would be good, but I truly didn't realize just how good.  The majority of restaurants are inspired by farm-to-table ingredients and are made with organic ingredients.  While I'm not typically a foodie, I found the food to be inspiring. Once my body got over altitude sickness (which took 24 hours), I was able to really partake in exquisite Vail cuisine. Here are some of the restaurants I tried. La Tour is a French-American restaurant Read More


Abboccato and New York City Center


Holly, aka Culture Mom, had recently been invited to attend a dinner and show in NYC but could not attend, so she asked me to go in her place. I am so glad that I said yes. I had a delicious meal at Abboccato Ristorante on W. 55th Street and then saw a delightful show at the beautifully renovated New York City Center across the street. Our group consisted of approximately 18 people, a variety of media people with guests and a representative of City Center. Our dinner was served in the  front Terrazza of Abboccato overlooking New York City Read More


Kitchensurfing: Bringing the Family Back to the Basics

kitchen surfing

My kids love to cook.  I do, too, but my repertoire has been rather limited lately and as their culinary demands increase, I've wondered how to satiate them.  A few weeks ago, they told me they were going to start cooking dinner for us every Saturday night, and I wondered how it would go past pizza, macaroni and cheese and eggs.  After all, my daughter does make a mean plate of cheesy eggs. On Saturday night we decided to try something different, something that has woken us all up to the fact that more spectacular meals can be made with a little Read More


Exploring Vietnamese Street Food in Hanoi

Tucked away in the heart of Hanoi lies the Hanoi Cooking Centre.  Located in 44 Chau Long Street, nestled on the edge of Hanoi's old quarter and close to Truc Bach and West Lake, Hanoi Cooking Centre is a cooking school, and cafe. The centre offers hands-on cooking classes and short courses in a relaxed atmosphere, designed by chef Tracey Lister, co-author of KOTO - A Culinary Journey Through Vietnam and Vietnamese Street Food. We were lucky to discover the school before we departed for Vietnam and had a tour set up before we left. While we were Read More


Chilling Out in Mesa at Fushsia


  My visit to Mesa was so relaxing.  Yoga in the desert, tea at the Ritz Carlton, a morning hike, time to go shopping and even a visit to a spa called Fushsia.  The spa trip was unexpected and certainly welcome.  My regular life at home is pretty hectic and there is not much time to focus on myself.  With work, the kids, my husband , my friends and family, my "to-do" list is long and never-ending.  The amount of time I get to spend on myself is minimal.  In the heart of Mesa, a tranquil city in the heart of Arizona, there is a spa that was created Read More


A Culinary Tour of Phoenix and Mesa

First, let me get one thing straight.  I am not a food aficionado.  I have never lived to eat and my eating tastes are narrow.  That is why on my recent trip to Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona, I was shocked to see myself turn into a foodie in the course of the five days I was there. I looked fervently eager to each meal and felt the urge to devour everything that was put in front of me. The food in Phoenix/Mesa is fresh, innovative and mouth-watering.  And I'm from New York, where I've always declared the food is the best in the world!  Go figure. We started Read More


A Quick Gripe About Feeding My Kids on the Road

We've been traveling through America for the last week or so, and we've eaten a lot of meals in restaurants.  We've had everything from fast food to upscale dining and we've looked at menu after menu after menu.  When I make the statement I am about to make, please note that I know that I have very picky eaters and I blame no one for that but my husband and myself.  However, when I make meals for my kids at home, I'm always sure to include a vegie and fruit.  I also try to make different types of food and diversify their menus.  I no longer buy chicken Read More