A Transporting Mother-Daughter Weekend at Ocean Edge Resort

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Disclosure: This trip was sponsored by Ocean Edge Resort.  However, all commentary and opinions expressed are my own.

Last weekend my daughter and I jumped on the Amtrak train in NYC, took it to Boston and drove the rest of the way to Cape Cod.  It took a chunk of time, but we both had a feeling the end result was worth it so we both sat back and enjoyed the journey. A visit at Ocean Edge Resort in a town called Brewster awaited the two of us. We had eagerly anticipated this trip for weeks prior upon further investigation of the hotel’s web site, and my daughter was eager to spend time alone together.

Ocean Edge is a beautiful Cape Cod property (literally) that was built over 100 years ago.  It has been renovated several times since and the experience it offers its visitors is nothing less than transporting.  From its nautical décor to its position on the water, the owners have taken great care to make the hotel an ultimate place to stay for families on the Cape.  From s’mores on the beach to cocktails on the terrace overlooking the bay to strolls on the beach to bike riding on the Cape Cod Bike Trail to eating home made ice-cream in the middle of town, we truly got the real Cape Cod experience in the span of just a few short days.

Here are a few of the highlights of our visit:

Our room.  We loved our room. We were positioned in a room on the mansion side of the property in one of the hotel’s 90 newly renovated rooms.  The rooms are spacious and decorated with a nautical Cape Cod feel, yet feel quite modern.  The beds were amazingly comfortable, decked out with sheets by a brand called Comphy, and comfortable doesn’t even begin to describe how they made us feel. We also had free Wifi, cable, plush bathrobes and a flat screen TV.   The two of us literally couldn’t wait to get back to the room after our activities for a rest.  We put the furry robes on and just vegetated in pure bliss, either in the room or on our small patio facing a pond in front of the property. We were also just a short walk from the beach and one of the outdoor pools.  I’m not kidding that when we were packing to leave the resort, my daughter begged to stay longer.

S’mores on the Beach:  My daughter was delighted by the opportunity to have s’mores on the beach after the sun had gone down.  It was on our first night and as I sat with my glass of wine overlooking the bay in front of a bonfire, I took in that Cape Cod feeling you get from even the shortest visit. I won’t be forgetting that experience anytime soon.

A Bike Ride on the Cape Cod Bike Trail: For our day of adventure at Ocean Edge, we chose to rent bikes and rode along the famous Cape Cod Bike Trail all the way to Orleans.  It was a 5-mile trip both ways, but the trail is 26 miles long and the trail is flat enough that the whole trip wouldn’t be difficult to do. We made it to the Chocolate Sparrow, a coffee and chocolate store in Orleans and browsed around the shops.

Cooling Off and Burning Calories: After our ride, we cooled off in one of the resort’s 3 outdoor pools (the hotel also has 3 indoor pools in case of rain).  Then we engaged in a fantastic tennis clinic with an instructor named Jim. As the day came to a close, we took a stroll down to the beach.  We picked seashells and dipped our feet in the lovely ocean water. The day was truly a taste of Cape Cod, with all the right toppings.

The resort offers a lot of other activities for families including exercise classes (including yoga), golf (guests have access to the private Nicklaus Design golf course), tours at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, junior sports camps and dive in movie nights.  

Yummy Chow: At Bayzo’s Pub, located downstairs inside the Mansion, an English tavern that is casual dining, we were able to sit back with drinks and enjoy traditional pub fare with a healthy twist for dinner one night.  At the Ocean Terrace, we sat back and dined in the sun, with the view of the Cape in our distance. Outside the premises, the hotel also owns the Linx Tavern, which we took a shuttle to and enjoyed casual fare with Cape Cod flair: fish tacos, shrimp cocktail, fish & chips, roasted scrod and more. I would be lying if I said that everything we tasted wasn’t delicious. Because it was!

Ice-cream: Given my daughter’s sweet tooth, our trip to Brewster Scoop at the Brewster General Store, where they have gorgeous, large scoops of homemade ice-cream, was another highlight of our trip.

Hospitality: Being from the south, I do know good service and I have to say that the service at Ocean Edge is exceptional.  When I discovered that I had a broken iPhone lead, they found one.  When I realized I’d forgotten toothpaste, they brought me some to the room. The service in the restaurants was also first rate.  We both felt very much at home, as a result.

Our room costs $225 a night.  Please note that no meals are included, this is not an all-inclusive. If you plan on heading to Ocean Edge and want something less expensive, the Villages side has 1-2 and 3-bedroom Villas with rates starting at $129 per night. For something even more luxurious, the resort offers a new Presidential Bay Collection with villas ranging in size from 1,000- 1,600 square feet, featuring layers of detail in bedding, built-ins, artwork and accent features that bring a modern feel to the beach side villas, while maintaining a nod to the traditions of Cape Cod. Perfect for multi-generational or large families, these include a Personal Concierge who will even do your grocery shopping! Rates start at $600 per night. Who wouldn’t love that? Yes, please.

For more information or to make reservations, please visit www.oceanedge.com or call (800) 343-6074.




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