A Dose of Fashion Week at Barbie’s Dream Closet

One of the many perks of blogging is the events that I'm invited to.  From time to time, my children are also extended invites to these events.  I'm quite careful about the events that I choose to attend, for so many reasons.  For one thing, I live in Westchester and it's not easy to take my children into Manhattan. While I love going in, I choose what I bring them to as it is a good chunk of the day.  For another, I want to keep the thrill of going to these events very much alive and special. But when I get an invite that I know is going to mean Read More


The Book Corner: My Tween Daughter’s Picks

Dork Diaries

When it comes to reading, my tween aged daughter (age 8)  takes after me.  I was a book worm when I was younger, so now she's a book worm.  After we say good night, she reads into the wee hours.  I don't want to know what time her light goes off.  It's been so interesting to see her book choices develop as a tween and how they compare to my own choices, either now or back then.  She's slightly selective based on the cover of a book, which I'm constantly trying to convince her not to be, but I must admit that even as an adult, a cover can be enticing to Read More


Fashion Playtes Secret Sale AND Giveaway for Tweens

Fashion Playtes

Do you have a young Betsey Johnson or Diana Von Furstenberg in your house? Let me re-introduce you to FashionPlaytes.com. It's an amazing design-it-yourself online fashion destination for girls 5-12 that encourages creativity and positive self-expression!  I wrote about my own daughter's experience  last month here on The Culture Mom.  It was a huge hit for us, and we liked the items she selected so much that we ordered more.  The clothes are fabulous and incredibly unique.  Everyone asks her where she got them and can proudly say, time and time again, Read More


Introducing Zuzee, an Online Community for Tween Girls


Zuzee is the first ever, creative online community where tween girls can share their stories and create photo memories with friends. It is an environment for self-expression that is fun, safe and designed just for tweens and it launched today!  As a mom of an 8 year-old girl, I'm particularly excited about this site.   It's a safe place for her to share, collaborate and stay in touch with her friends. I sat next to the founder at a breakfast at BlogHer and have been excited about its launch ever since. How Zuzee Works: Girls bring their favorite Read More