Matt Damon is This Month’s Curator of @ONEGirlsWomen!


As a proud supporter of everything ONE supports and pushes, it made me smile to see actor & Water.org founder Matt Damon is this month’s curator of @ONEGirlsWomen! He's my hero of the day. This is why he stands for women & girls: My daughters do not know what it is to spend hours collecting water.  My girls may suffer the occasional stomach upset, maybe even miss a day of school because of it, but they will never lay dehydrated and dying with only the water available, the very same water that made them sick in the first place. Before I went Read More


In Honor of International Women’s Day: Poverty is Sexist


Now this is a campaign I'm thrilled to get behind...every step of the way. It has to do with girls, equality, equity and fighting extreme poverty to make the world a better place. The name of the campaign: POVERTY IS SEXIST. According to new analysis published by The ONE Campaign today, International Women’s Day, girls and women are hit hardest by extreme poverty across every area of life, but they also hold the key to change. ONE’s report, “Poverty is Sexist: Why girls and women must be at the heart of the fight to end extreme poverty” shows how Read More


Inspiration Found at Social Good 2011

Social media has done so much for me.  Personally, it has changed my life.  It has reconnected me to skills that were dormant, it has introduced me to new paths and walkways in life and connected me with some of the most amazing people I could have ever imagined meeting from all over the world.  Not only do I use social media to promote this blog, but now I actually use it to promote my company, local events and I've even started up a local chapter of social media enthusiasts.  To say that social media has changed my life is an understatement. As I Read More