Guest Post: Review of “Mummenschanz In RE:PLAY” at The New Victory Theater in NYC

Mummenschanz Costumes, Fotoshot on 07.07.2016 at Diogenes Theatre in Alstaetten, Switzerland. Photo Marco Hartmann About the writer: This a guest post written by writer Lisa Gerstel, a diverse and seasoned executive who has spent her career in children’s and family entertainment via Publishing, Live Events and Broadcast before stepping back to take a much earned reprieve from the corporate world in order to reinvent herself and remember why she moved to NYC. She lives in the latest hip neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn with her Read More


Review: Mischief at the New Victory Theater

Mischief at the New Victory Theater

Yesterday my daughter and I had the pleasure of seeing the New Victory's performance of Mischief, their latest production for kids that derives from the UK.  It was one of those incredible theatrical experiences, a WOW moment when I realize how lucky I am to not only live near NYC, but how lucky my daughter is to experience the kind of programming that's at our doorstep.  The show is as innovative it gets.   I love watching her expressions when she's watching a show of this caliber - in this case, it was one of amazement, awe and delight. This show is Read More