Kidzvuz Holiday Party 2014: What My Tween Loves


The gals at Kidzvuz certainly have their fingers on the tween pulse. At every event they've hosted over the past few years, I've actually discovered what my tween loves. Leave it to them to help me find out what makes her tick way before I ever do. They even managed to get her to record a Kidzvuz product video at their last event, an unprecedented event (she's camera shy). From Broadway shows to the new Annie film to technology to crafts to charity/giving back, they introduced her to so many new things and ways to spend this upcoming holiday Read More


Holiday Gift Ideas for Tweens

Last weekend I went to the Kidzvuz Holiday House Party and got the complete low down on truly awesome picks for holiday gifts for tweens. If you've been wondering what to get this year, look no further.  They had all the right bases covered for the two kids in my house, starting with... Travel: We are a traveling family, so I was happy to find out more about Hilton Homewood Suites, for extended travel or residential style visits.  As a family, we always like spreading ourselves out, making our own meals, having a swim and chilling out with comforts. Read More