Review & Giveaway: The Butterfly Girl at The Vital Theatre


The Vital Theatre is one of my favorite theaters in NYC to see shows with my daughter. We've seen several there over the last few years: Peace, Love and Cupcakes The Musical; Show Way; Angelina Ballerina; A (Tooth) Fairy Tale and Pinkalicious, and we've loved them all. Their shows have a social conscious and bring meaning through lyrics, dancing, singing and laughter. The Butterfly Girl is no exception to the rule. It captures the integrity and vibrance of the Vital Theatre. It's for kids aged 2-7, but my daughter, now 11, was able to enjoy it Read More


What Really Matters


When you get asked questions like these, they make your heart stop: "Do you have a living will?" "Do you plan to donate your organs should anything happen to you?" "Who will make decisions for you in the event you are not able to?" Needless to say, as the mother of two children heading into my third surgery this year, these questions brought tears to my eyes. As I entered the operating room, and a nurse asked me my name to confirm my identity, I held out my wrist so she could check my information on my plastic band. I knew if I opened my Read More


Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday

save the children

Every Child deserves a 5th birthday. That sounds so obvious, but every year 7.6 million children lose that chance. Right now, Save the Children is asking mothers around the world to raise their voices to help more children everywhere survive. Together we can insist that our children’s health and well-being is more than a personal priority it should be a global priority. Death from preventable causes like pneumonia, diarrhea and newborn complications are no longer acceptable. Officials from around the world are meeting in Washington, DC this week Read More


Review: Dear Daughter: The Best of the Dear Leta Letters by Heather Armstrong

Dear Daughter

Time has never flown faster than these last nine years since I became a mother.  Sometimes when I try to remember certain parts of my children's early years, it's hard.  The memories are getting blurrier and blurrier, and they are still quite young. That's why I really enjoyed reading Heather Armstrong’s “Dear Daughter: The Best of the Dear Leta Letters”.  It took me back in time to a time that was unlike anything I had ever experienced.  I read the book on a plane and spent the next hour and a half dreaming about my first child and what it was like Read More


Moms Judging Other Mom’s Children


I've been reading a lot about moms judging other moms lately.  Well, I certainly have a lot to say about that, although I must admit that I'm kind of past the point of caring what other moms think about me and how I live my life.  I've come to the conclusion that we all have different ways of raising our kids and how we conduct our daily lives.  Whether we work or stay home, it's our own personal decisions and as women, we should stop sitting around judging each other.  Some women are not meant to be stay-at-home moms - I being one of them.  Some moms Read More


Feeling the Need to Unplug in Order to Plug

Screen shot 2012-03-21 at 2.03.14 PM

I never used to be like this. I used to read a lot – newspapers, books, magazines.  I’d carry literature around with me. And I had more human interaction than I have now.  I called my friends.  I knocked on people’s doors at work and in my neighborhood.  I never let a certain amount of time go by before I got in touch with the people I care most about.  I had a cell phone, but to be honest, before I got an iPhone, I hardly used it. Then I had kids and went back to work, and I relied more on my cell phone to keep in touch with the babysitter, Read More


A Life Free From Hunger with Save the Children

Save the Children

This morning I headed to the Millennium Hotel near the United Nations to hear a very special talk co-hosted by Save the Children in support of the U.N. Secretary General’s Every Woman Every Child movement for maternal, newborn and child health with a group of other bloggers from MamaDrama.   The session was empowering as we heard from leaders in the movement to eliminate hunger from around the world. The breakfast and discussion were being held to launch a new global report  “A Life Free from Hunger: Tackling Child Malnutrition,” marking a critically Read More


Meredith LeVande “What Are the Odds?” CD Giveaway


NYC-based singer/songwriter Meredith LeVande could truly be termed a “Renaissance woman of children’s music.”  Meredith not only holds undergraduate degrees in Women’s Studies and English, she also has a master’s degree in music and a law degree!  Drawing from all these disciplines for her multi-faceted work with children, Meredith heads up a project with the marvelously mischievous moniker Monkey Monkey Music, with a focus on “putting the child back into children’s music.”  Her new CD "What are the Odds?" is coming out soon. Read More