Shame on you, Howard Stern


( I am having computer problems and somehow deleted my earlier entry on this, so I apologize to the person who commented which also got lost.)

Howard Stern dissed “Precious” star Gabourey Sidibe, calling her an “enormous woman the size of a planet,” this week on her Sirius satellite radio show.  Howard Stern, along with his sidekick Robin Quivers, said that Gabourey has no real career ahead of her and that she will never work again.  After I watched the video above, I was steaming.

Is he nuts?  She was so amazing in “Precious”.  As Oprah stated in her introduction of Gabby at the Oscars, she is on the threshold of a brilliant career. She had no previous acting experience when she auditioned for the part and her performance was a break-out, memorable one that made the movie what it is.

I love how confident and lovely she is on the red carpet; how funny she is on talk shows; how she transformed her entire being to enter the tragic character she played in the movie “Precious” and how she is nothing like her character,

Plus, she’s a fellow New Yorker.  Her mother is a busker on the NY subway, and Gabby is so proud of her for it.  How much more real can you get?

As a result of her performance, she was nominated for a 2010 Academy Award for Best Actress, in the same category that veteran Meryl Streep was nominated in. She has won a Spirit Award, NAACP Award and has been nominated for every award under the sun.  Quivers, who is black, agrees. She said, “You feel bad because everybody is pretending that she’s a part of show business.”  Where the heck is she coming from? Hasn’t she struggled with weight before?  Isn’t she a black woman working in the same, tough entertainment industry?

Gabby loves acting.  She says she’s caught the bug. In “Precious,” she plays the central character,  a physically and sexually abused sixteen-year old with a four year old child by her own father and another one on the way.  She is nothing like that in real life, and she led us down the road to believe it was her story.

Stern and Quivers claim that Gabby will find no roles after Precious and that is crazy. Gabby has been signed to join Laura Linney in a recurring role on Showtime‘s upcoming series The Big C.  In addition, Gabourey, will star in the movie Yelling to the Sky.

Yesterday on “The View”, the hosts discussed their wrongful comments about Gabby’ss weight. They were all shocked at his rude and unfounded comments that Gabourey will never have a career because of her weight. Whoopie said that before he makes such strong statements, he should get his facts straight.  She’s already working and she will continue to, as she’s brilliant.  Whoopie was really incensed, and I don’t blame her. 

In an article on CNN.com, Robert Ulrich of Ulrich, Dawson and Kritzer casting, acknowledged that “every role will not be open to her,” but thinks now more than ever, directors and producers are interested in seeing something different than what’s written on the page.”We hear over and over to think outside the box. I’ve been in the industry a long time, and it’s never been as open to people being something different than now,” Ulrich said. “I work on ‘Glee,’ and those actors never would have been cast on network television a few years ago. It’s a show about diversity, and it’s a hit.”

Gabby is called an actress on Wikipedia.   That is what she is no matter what anyone says.  I hate the fact that she has to put up with such cruelty.  Oh, and did you catch Stern’s dissing of Oprah?  No one messes with her, and I’m sure that he will put him in his place next week.

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