My Love for PBS Kids

I’m honored to be a PBS Kids Club Thirteen Ambassador.  Nothing could suit me more perfectly.  I’m a kid at heart.  Quite often I relive my childhood through my own childrens’ experiences.  Whether it be via a trip to Disney World, which I adored as a child, or to see “Annie” or “Mary Poppins” live on stage, I enjoy replicating my own experiences and seeing them through the eyes of my children. 

PBS Kids falls right into this scenario.  Some of my earliest memories are coming home from nursery school and heading into the den to watch “Sesame Street,” “Mr. Rogers” and “The Electric Company.”  My mother would sit me down in front of the TV while my two other sisters were in school so she could watch “The Guiding Light” on CBS and be left in peace.  This was 40 years ago, but these are the key programs that I remember more than any others during my childhood.  I really cared about the characters on these shows.  It was like getting together with my friends on a daily basis.  I thought about these shows for years, sang the songs and thought about the lessons learned through subtle yet powerful messages about social diversity, education and cultural adversity.

So now, as an adult, I continue my PBS Kids journey through my own children.  From the moment they were both born, I introduced them to “Sesame Street” and have vivid memories of my now seven year-old daughter as a baby giggling in her bouncy seat and completely plugged into the show.  She is now a superb reader, and I would go so far to say that the program helped her to get as good as she is.  PBS has always seemed like a good choice for my kids. The programming is of a rare caliber and I’ve always thought that is serves a duel purpose.  It’s entertaining, but also educational.  I don’t feel like my kids are watching anything that will hurt them down the road.  If it worked for my sisters and I, it works for them.

Over the years, my kids’ programming tastes have changed.  After their love for “Sesame Street” waned, they moved onto “Clifford”,  “Super Why,” “Word Girl” and “Sid the Science Kid”.  My five year-old son’s two favorite shows right now are “Curious George” and “Fireman Sam,” both of which are PBS shows.  His obsession with “Curious George” has lasted about three years.  He can’t get enough of the curious monkey.  He watches it daily and often plays on www.PBSkids.org.  Curious George is a good role model for him; he always does the right thing at the end of each story and seems to save the day. (If your children feel the same about Curious George, you can actually win tickets to Curious George Live right here on the Culture Mom Blog.)

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