Edible Brooklyn: Miriam Restaurant in Park Slope

After our amazingly fun trip to the Prospect Park Zoo on Sunday for Kids Club 13 Fleece weekend, we were hungry. Alison Lowenstein of Brooklynbaby.com recommended a restaurant called Miriam in Park Slope based on what I was looking for, and she pretty much nailed it. Ever since living in Israel many years ago, I am an Israeli cuisine junkie.  Our closest friends are Israeli and live on Long Island, so we are always fed my favorite dishes there.  Living in Westchester, we rarely have the occasion to get Israeli food, so I was psyched to try this trendy restaurant out.  Our Israeli friends happened to be with us, and they truly know good Israeli food as well as anyone else, certainly more than we do.

We were told this was a family-friendly place, as well.  I am sure it is, however being around 2-3pm on a Sunday afternoon, they were packed.  After a wait at the bar while our friends were outside parking, changing the babies diapers (they have twins), the restaurant’s host told me our table was ready and he would only wait four minutes for our friends.  The problem was that he was serious.  I called my friend, who was only down the block looking for the restaurant, and told her to hurry.  He told me it was rude to hold a table with people at the door. The problem with this was that my kids were starving, and we could easily have sat down and ordered for all of us.  Needless to say, I couldn’t look at him after our friends arrived as we needed more chairs and were crammed around a small table.  He looked mad, but less mad when he heard our friends speaking Hebrew for some reason.

That was the only honest negative on this restaurant, and I am sure the service is better when it’s less crazy.  There were also a lot of other kids dining with their families, so it must have a reputation of being family-friendly, so I give the host the benefit of the doubt.  The food was really delicious.  The brunch menu features a variety of options from American style breakfasts with eggs/omelets and pancakes or french toast to traditional Israeli options like fallaffel, shakshuka, malawach (crispy fried dough), potato pancakes, burekas and a host of meze options like hummus, tehini, labneh and more.  It’s all very reasonably priced.  Our waitress was very nice, she even gave us a few recommendations on where to stay on our upcoming trip to Israel, but somewhere during lunch, she disappeared, our lunch was delayed and we never got a refill on our coffee.

The decor is very Mediterranean and cozy.  I really liked the ambiance and would definitely go back, maybe at the end of brunch hours or even in a smaller group where I am sure it is easier to get a table and get better service.  And refills of coffee.   If you look at the reviews on Yelp.com, they are all very positive about the service so I am sure it can be much better.

Miriam is located at 79 5th Avenue in Park Slope.  The phone number is 718-622-2250.

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