Restaurant Review: An Indian Feast at Benares Tribeca


Tucked away in the heart of Tribeca sits an Indian restaurant that demands a visit. If you are as much an Indian food connoisseur as I am, you need to know about Benares Tribeca. I had an inspiring meal there last night that I am eager to tell you about. Benares Tribeca, which is located on Murray Street downtown, is known for honoring the 28 states of India, specifically Northern India. The restaurant is modern, with banquette seating and hardwood floors, red wall accent pieces, and a bar with a lounge area. I was surprised by how nice and trendy the Read More


“Victoria and Abdul” and High Tea at the Plaza Hotel: A Quintessential NYC Experience (+ Giveaway)


This past weekend my daughter and I had the most unique afternoon at the Paris Theatre and the Plaza Hotel in NYC. Given her British roots and ancestry, it could not have been a more perfect afternoon. A bit of Dame Judi Dench and cream tea all in one, I can't think of anything more sublime. We started our day at the Paris, a theatre I have long loved since my days of living in NYC. It's one of the city's most loved and authentic art film houses. We were there to see the new film, Victoria and Abdul, a quintessential English film depicting an Read More


Where You Can Find Me

where you'll find me

It's time for my routine check-in to let you know where else you can find me on the Internets. Here we go: Medium Larchmont Resident Cooks for Refugees New York Family 10 Best Broadway Shows for Teens  Huffington Post Perfect Weekend Getaway in NYC for Teens Family-Friendly Guide to Turks and Caicos A Child Grows A Weekend Away: 48 Hours in Raleigh with the Kids A Weekend in Philadelphia with the Kids A Family Weekend In The Finger Lakes MiniTime Autumn in Brooklyn with the Kids A Weekend Getaway with the Kids in Newport, Rhode Read More


“Fun Mom Dinner” Gets Real About Motherhood


Let's face it. Motherhood is hard. There's no lying about it. Anyone that does is avoiding a universal truth. There's really no perfect manual for becoming a mom. No book out there, including the What to Expect series, which was one of the only series on the shelves when I was pregnant, truly outlines all the up's and down's of motherhood and what a woman really faces as her identity shifts. My own life shifted in a very profound way that I never truly expected when I had kids. Some of which is good; some of which is more difficult. Motherhood is Read More


“Amelie” on Broadway Captures the Movie’s Quirkiness


Confession: I'm a movie buff. I've seen most of the classics. One could call me a cinephile as I'm a French film lover. From Godard to Truffault to Renior to Malle to Rohmer, I've seen and studied French cinema. In 2001, I saw a film called "Amelie" by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. I'll never truly forget the pleasure I felt watching that movie. It starred the adorable Audrey Taotou, who played a dreamer. I remember her character zipping around Paris and delighting in the world that she lived in. She was quirky and an idealist. The film was colorful, and so Read More


TheCultureMom Hotel Review: Prague’s Paris Hotel


On my recent visit to Prague, I stayed at the Paris Hotel. Uniquely decked out in Neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau decor, the hotel has a certain charm that took me back to a time long gone by, which I fully appreciated. It was right out of the 2011 film Midnight in Paris and i expected authors like Ernest Hemingway to walk in. From its high ceilings in the lobby to gold statues and sweeping staircases and chandeliers in the lobby, the hotel offers a very Parisian vibe.  The exterior is especially welcoming and beautiful, filling us with wonder upon Read More


My Visit to Dachau: Never Forget


#Dachau - let me tell you about my visit. Please note I have also just been to Auschwitz and Birkenau, where even worse atrocities were committed, and to countless Jewish ghettos all over Eastern Europe, so I am tired....and sad. However, I also feel compelled to share what I have just seen while it's all very raw. Just over 70 years ago, innocent people entered Dachau through the SS training camp after marching through the town for all to see, thinking that they were going someplace safe as that is what they had been told. But they left registration Read More


Review: City Limits Diner in White Plains


Last week my family and I did something we rarely do on a Friday night - we went out to dinner. I was tired from cooking over the Jewish Holidays and was eager for someone to wait on me, so when offered the opportunity to experience a meal at City Limits Diner in White Plains, just 20 minutes from our home, I jumped. City Limits is more than just a diner. It's more upscale and sophisticated in its decor and cuisine. They serve steak, shrimp, lobster cake benedict, salads and offer a great deal of variety of dishes made from fresh ingredients. The Read More


Wrapping up NYC’s 2016 Dumpling Festival


This past weekend I went to the annual NYC Dumpling Festival in NYC's Sara D. Roosevelt Park for the first time. It was paradise for a dumpling lover and thousands came to show their support. The festival was really, really crowded and had a lot of hungry people standing in long lines, but I guarantee you that for those who decided to stick it out, it was worth the wait. After all, the theme of the year was "There's a Chef in Everyone." In addition to the classic dumpling consumption, there were a few new things to see as well: a dumpling making Read More


The Global Refugee Crisis: How We Can Help


I can't understand the controversy over whether or not we should help refugees. It makes absolutely no sense to me. When people are suffering, don't you feel a pull on your heartstrings? Well, I do. There are enormous comparisons between the current refugee crisis and what happened to six million Jews during World War 2. It is undeniable and simply devastating, and unfortunately, the situation is worsening and there is no clear end in sight. So, wanting to act on my feelings and not just sit around thinking about what I can do, last night I brought a Read More